WRITER’S LINKS: “My Imaginary Life”

Hello Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. As promised, here is the post to which you can submit your links in the comments section. PLEASE NOTE: your very first link will be held for approval, and will not show up immediately. This is not to censor anyone’s writing, you write it and post it on your blog — and you are free to post the link here on the island. Your initial contribution will be moderated solely to prevent flotsam and jetsam (SPAM) from floating up and littering the beaches.

To place your link, click on ‘comment’, and place your link as a ‘comment’. Remember, only post the link to your work here, and please make certain your link is accurate. The piece you’ve written should be posted on your personal blog… you’re pros and familiar with all this, I’m just being diligent.

If you want to read your fellow islanders’ contributions to this week’s prompt, “My Imaginary Life”, just go to ‘comments’ — and from there you can explore the island.

Well, I’m thrilled you’ve come. Writers Island is now your island. Please feel free to let us all know what you want and need on the island to make it a nurturing experience. Your suggestions will be submitted to the island community for consideration.

Now, find yourself a comfortable place to settle in, there is food and drink for everyone — the kind that nourishes your spirit. The weather is always beautiful here on the island, and the breezes are aways cool… so please, relax, express yourself, and let these cool breezes carry your words. WELCOME fellow islanders! 😉


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79 responses to “WRITER’S LINKS: “My Imaginary Life”

  1. Here’s my first Imaginary Life: http://myunclepepeksjournal.blogspot.com/ WI:My Imaginary Life “The Burning”

  2. http://www.herburban.com/?p=2170

    In the constant quest to obfuscate who I am not, I humbly present my brief would be bio.

  3. Here’s my first contribution. I’m looking forward to watching this grow.


  4. writersisland

    Robin — I’m looking forward to people discovering this island, and coming ashore. Thank you for the sentiment.

  5. Et Voila! Arabian nights at Paris Parfait. http://parisparfait.typepad.com/paris_parfait/2007/09/post.html
    Mabrouk for the success of your new site!

  6. I have no special prose link for today, but I wanted to thank you, Rob, for putting up this site, especially with Poetry Thursday ending.
    Today is a wonderful day for new beginnings. Last year I posted a serious piece because I live in one of the 9-11 areas. This year I’m relishing times from a few days ago and choosing not to impose any constraints on myself. Thinking of an imaginary life is a bit much for me now, but I like the prompt and will file it away for the future!

    I look forward to exploring the links another time when I’m not plagued by insomnia.


  7. If you imagine it, it will happen. Imagine!

  8. rel

    G’day fellow sojourners to the island of fantasy come true. Let me tell you a little about my self here:
    Thank you Rob for captaining this ship to this new found paradisical island and also for sharing it with us.
    The mythical, the extrodinarly ordinary

  9. ho exciting… a brand new writer’s community and i am here!!!!

    heres mine…

    “my imaginary life”

  10. Here’s my version of the imaginary life.

    This was a great prompt & I’m really looking forward to the next ones!

  11. I’m so excited! Thank you so much for creating this place for us! My response to the My Imaginary Life prompt is here. It’s another of my typical spirals of introspection. 🙂

    Happy Tuesday, all!

  12. Thanks for opening the island up to all of us. I have a piece here:
    Imelda’s Cabin

  13. Let’s get this party started!!!! Pass the rum and let’s get dancing!




  14. Aloha islanders!

    Here’s an essay (maybe more a journal enrty) and haiku: stoney moss: …deb’s Imaginary Life

    Thanks for hosting, Rob and for all the posting, Islanders.

  15. Ashley Lyn

    Thanks for the opportunity to share a little patch of sunlit sand on the writer’s island. Here’s my piece:


  16. Something light-hearted from me for a change. Today, HERE I am an astronaut.

    Remember, my poetry is protected by a single password. You’ll only need to request it once and you’ll be able to read past and future writings. email art@polkadotwitch.com

    thanks! carolee

  17. Jo

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks so much for setting this up.



  18. Sorry, I’m a bit rusty on linka. Will try once again, If it does not work just hit my name.

    My Poem

    thank to all

  19. Oh how fun! Im so happy I washed ashore on your island…looking forward to reading the other links. Here’s mine…



  20. Mine is a bit rushed, but I didn’t want to miss the start of Writers island.


  21. This is my first post here. Here’s my link:
    Imaginary Life.

  22. Rob, I wasn’t able to participate this week because of my crazy schedule, but I wanted to be sure and thank you for starting this wonderful place and I will definitely contribute as often as my time will allow! Thank you again very much~~

  23. Hi! I wrote a poem called Swimming to Nowhere. You have to scroll down a bit to reach the poem, because I wrote an intro for my readers, telling them about this site. Thanks for doing this!


  24. What a wonderful new place for us to visit! I’ll be back ofen, I know.

    Mine for this week is Visitations

  25. I just wanted to come by and say congrats on a successful launch to Writers Island! Hope to post with you in the future.

  26. My very first post on my new blog, delighted it is linked to Writer’s Island! Thanks for providing this haven for us all.

    Here’s my post:


  27. I tried and tried last night to write about my perfect life. Today, I imagined some other women & their lives. you might know them…
    Dare to Dream

  28. I’d forgotten all about doing this, but just finished my posting for Writer’s Island on http://beadfluff.blogspot.com

  29. i was once an island, now here, having found this writers island forum, i feel like an extensive archapeligo has risen from the sea around me, thanks for sharing.

    here’s my go at it…

  30. Nice number of comments and links. Much to explore. Here’s my contribution:

  31. http://meeaugraphie.com/2007/09/10/writers-island/

    I forgot to link this morning! Looks like it will be quite successful, congrats!

  32. Hello everyone!
    I really enjoyed exploring this island. Here’s mine:

  33. writersisland

    Hello fellow islanders –

    It’s the end of the first full day that Writers Island has been receiving visitors, and we have a nice beach party underway. The stars are out, and the breeze is wonderful.

    Looks like there may be many beautiful days ahead.

    I am so glad! 😉

  34. Susan Helene Gottfried

    This is extremely cool! Thanks for doing this!

  35. Thank you for creating this wonderful space…and for keeping the community alive. Here’s mine:


  36. Wow, it seems everything is going wonderful so far. I am really excited about The Writer’s Island. Thank you for creating it and running it. Wishing you all the best.

  37. I’m so excited to be getting in on the ground floor of this new venture!

    Here’s my contribution: http://creativekarina.blogspot.com

  38. writersisland

    Sara –

    Thank you for visiting the island and passing along your well wishes — and for promoting Writers Island on your ‘Poets Who Blog‘ writers community site. That was gracious, and very much appreciated! 😉

  39. my imaginary life

    thank you for this wonderful new space!

  40. Thankyou for this site. Such a change from all the those other mindless weekly themed posts! I’ll be first ashore on Saturday for the prompt.Mines a rum punch!

  41. Rob,

    This space is already happening! Time to play that band?

  42. Hi Rob,
    very late and I thought so much I wrote too much, but that’s good for me. . .


  43. Splendid start there, islanders. I hope to come bask with you in the future.

  44. nish81

    Hi Island! Sorry for being so late, and I’m not sure if my entry will be included, but I thought to myself: ‘better to try than wonder about it’. So:

    I hope to be on time with the next entry!

  45. I’m a bit late … but happy to join you on the island
    can i have a cocktail to sip while i lie on the sand ???


  46. Looking foward to doing this, I hope I can join!!!

  47. Pip

    I’m VERY late! Got my act together, and happy to finally be in on this project! Now, to write another poem by tomorrow…


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