Hello Again Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. As promised, here is the post to which you can submit your links in the comments section. Remember, only post the link to your work here — as a ‘comment’, and please make certain your link is accurate.

If you’re new, we’re thrilled you’ve come — all the details of ‘How To Come Ashore’ are posted in the sidebar. If you’ve returned, we all welcome you back!

Writers Island is your island. Please feel free to let us all know what you want and need on the island to make it a nurturing experience. Your suggestions will be submitted to the island community for consideration.

Now, find yourself a comfortable place to settle in, there is food and drink for everyone — the kind that nourishes your spirit. Then later, take a walk on the beach, and read your fellow islanders’ contributions to this week’s prompt, “The Gift”.

The weather is always beautiful here on the island, and the breezes are aways cool… so please, relax, express yourself, and let these cool breezes carry your words.

ENJOY — fellow islanders!  😉


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71 responses to “WRITER’S LINK: “The Gift”

  1. Lea

    I’ve lost my shoes, donned my favorite sarong and I’m enjoying wandering the sands of this beautiful island with so many talented writers… Here is my post for the gift:

  2. Morning Rob. The Island clocks are four hours fast. 😀

    A short story today.


  3. I wasn’t able to play last week. Happy to join in this week with a light-hearted piece:


  4. Here’s mine. subject to some final edits, but i wanted to share it for critique and so that you all can read it first.


  5. writersisland

    Brian –

    The ‘island’ clock is set to Eastern Daylight Time… 😉

    ‘Link post’ opens on Tuesday, at 12:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

    Ah, but you refer to the time stamp… you are observant! Thank you Brian…

  6. Your 12.01 is my 5.01 and I’m not getting up that early even for you!

  7. NIce prompt – glad t be back for week 2 – had a huge headache when I wrote this but decided to free write and see where it took me.


  8. Hi Everybody,

    Wow – what a great response so far to this prompt!

    Here’s mine.

    — Jessica

  9. Short but sweet this time.

    Some Gifts Are Better Than Others.

    Happy Tuesday everyone.

  10. Ashley Lyn

    Wonderful prompt! Here’s my piece, “The Naming.”

  11. Hello everyone!

    I didn’t get a chance to write along with the prompt but here’s a poem I wrote a few weeks ago. I look forward to reading yours.


  12. I’m on vacation this week, but didn’t want to miss out on the island party. My first ever Haiku can be found here: http://creativekarina.blogspot.com

  13. Here is a poem from my archives, written before I found this wonderful community of writers. I felt compelled to post it because it’s called “The Gift”.


  14. Here’s my contribution for this week:
    The gift: an essay

  15. I am late for an important date, the white rabbit said!
    the gift

    hope link works


  16. http://beadfluff.blogspot.com/2007/09/gift-before-world-war-ii-began-there.html has finally posted her new story about the gift. Wonderful story, if I do say so myself.

  17. deb

    Here’s a little vignette of a gift: http://stoneymoss.blogspot.com/2007/09/gift.html

    I may not be able to read much until Thursday.

  18. Hi all. There are some posts I would like to comment on but the comment section won’t allow my comments because I don’t have a google account. I use wordpress – 😦

  19. The best gifts often don’t cost a thing. Read about four of minehere

  20. liked the prompt. got totally sidetracked, flipping through old poetry notebooks and journals, remembering a forgotten time.


  21. Ron

    Here’s one for my wife on her birthday.

    Tiny Pretty Things

  22. I started writing a political post that veered a little off topic, but then I came up with this:


    If anyone has any interest in reading my semi on-topic post about Hollywood Fred Thompson, you can find it here.


  23. writersisland

    Greetings Islanders –

    We enjoyed another nice turn out for our Tuesday beach party.

    I hope we all continue to mingle and share our thoughts about “The Gift”. It was very interesting seeing the variety of ‘takes’ we came up with for this prompt.

    Well my fellow beachcombers, until Saturday brings another mystery to explore for next Tuesday’s sandy soirée — party on… 😉

  24. Those who have wordpress or other blogs can comment on bloggers by choosing the other option from the three options given.

    You can put your name and URL in the two boxes provided.

    One can go anonymous too but please put your name if you choose that option. So that we can get back to you!

    You can always experiment on my blog!!


  25. This weeks prompt had my mind jump back imediately to
    when my son Michael brought me flowers for the first time

    here’s what I wrote:


  26. writersisland

    Ahoy –

    Some of our fellow islanders thought that Tuesday, 12:01 AM, U.S. East Coast Time was a ‘deadline’ for posting your links. That is incorrect. It is not a ‘deadline’, it is simply the time that the ‘link post’ opens.

    You can place your link anytime after it opens. The closer to the opening of the ‘link post’ that you place your link, the better chance you provide for more of your fellow islanders to visit you.

    Trust that clears up any confusion. 😉

  27. A little late to the party, but I’ve got a post up for this prompt now.


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