Greetings Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. As promised, here is the post to which you can submit your links in the comments section. Remember, only post the link to your work here — as a ‘comment’, and please make certain your link is accurate.

If you’re new, you are welcome here — all the details of ‘How To Come Ashore’ are posted in the sidebar. If you’ve returned, we’re all glad to see you again!

Writers Island is your island. Please feel free to let us all know what you want and need on the island to make it a nurturing experience. Your suggestions will be submitted to the island community for consideration.

Now, find yourself a comfortable place to settle in, there is food and drink for everyone — the kind that nourishes your spirit. The sunset is beautiful, and soon the beach fires will be springing up. Take a stroll tonight, and read by firelight, your fellow islanders’ contributions to this week’s prompt, “The Key”.

The weather is always beautiful here on the island, and the breezes are aways cool… so please, relax, express yourself, and let these cool breezes carry your words.

BASK — fellow islanders! The evening sun is still warm… 😉


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83 responses to “WRITER’S LINK: “The Key”

  1. I’m on time this week. I was ambitious and wrote two. One is absurd, the other is worse. Please feel no obligation to read either. Well, maybe one.


  2. Here’s my attempt :), hope it makes some sense.


    Looks like “Key” is a popular topic these days
    just the other day I wrote something on the same topic.


  3. My humble story beginning for this week:


    This one really got the juices flowing, thanks!

  4. Hi everyone, today’s offering is a continuation of last week’s story with a poem. As an extra treat, I also have an audio recording of both works.


  5. Grab your suntan lotion and towel, you’ll need them to read ‘Never, ever, ever’.




  6. Here’s my contribution for this week: Of House and Home

    Thanks for the great prompt!

  7. Mine sums up my mood this morning – not very creative and full of self-recrimination.


  8. hi all,
    here’s mine. looking forward to catching up with everyone’s pieces tommorrow. must sleep now. =)http://makeshiftwords.blogspot.com/2007/09/writers-island.html

  9. Here’s mine. A prose reflection on new beginnings.

    Stir of Love

  10. THE KEY

    I am in Toronto for classes today, but will visit you guys tonight. Have a wonderful, tropical day!!!
    Indigo Blue

  11. hi everyone… i have to work today… but i will be around later….


  12. THE KEY
    Enjoy the day, I will be in Toronto for classes today, but I will read you all tonight. Have fun Islanders!

  13. Ashley Lyn

    Morning Islanders, here’s a little piece from me, “Beloved.” I loved this prompt, and am looking forward to reading everyone’s interpretation of it.


  14. Where is my link Rob?
    I can’t get it to post! Yikes~~!
    Did someone put out my torch??? LOL


  15. I’m a week off…thought I was writing to the gift…but here it is anyway. http://creativespiritfaery.typepad.com/creative_faery/2007/09/the-gift.html

  16. The prompt sent me on a tangent. Here is my poem: fall


  17. I’m not sure this posted the first time I tried, so here it is:
    The key.

  18. Sadly I have to bow out this week but I will be around to read everyone’s wonderful posts later this week!

  19. Mmmmmm…. this was a delicious prompt! My little reflection is here, and I hope it speaks to you.

  20. Mine is up. It is a continuation of a tale I began Sunday with Sunday Scribblings…hope you all enjoy it!


  21. This is my first entry for the Writers Island. The Key

  22. Here’s my reponse to “the key.”

    you know the drill. if you have the password, you have the key. if you need it, it’s easy. just send an email to art@polkadotwitch.com

  23. Here’s my response for this week’s prompt. Thanks for the site!
    Key of Sea

  24. The key to my story is here. Thanks so much in advance.


  25. Well, heres mine…
    hope you like is it.

    a poem

    thanks Rob. you do so much

  26. It didn’t take, hmmm. I’ll just put the link instead. A quick read, a poem this week.


  27. pepektheassassin

    Islanders! I am here– with another Key.

  28. Really feeling out of sorts with my creativity – all help welcomed!

    The link:

  29. I’m still in the dark here, trying to get my link to work…but….come on by my nipa hut anyway. I’ll be glad to see you!

    http://myunclepepeksjournal.blogspot.com/ once here, read “WI The Key”

  30. Kai

    my little dittie:

    thanks for reading and I’d love your imput.. 🙂 PEace, kai

  31. writersisland

    Pepek –

    All you need do is post each week, I’ll find a way to get our fellow islanders to the piece you’ve written… 😉

  32. man this island is getting crowded. i hope we have adequate sewage treatment…that is in no way a commentary on the quality of the writing here, just a flashback from too many crowded music festivals in my past….

    i ended up writing two, had to get one out of the way to get all the good stuff to the top. ended up salvaging a piece of the first poem though. here you go… thanks everyone for sharing and for your thoughtful comments.


  33. writersisland

    Hail Islanders –

    This is another wonderful beach party!

    It’s really great to see such a consistent turn out each week. I guess we have established a nice little Tuesday island oasis to share our writing — very very cool… 😉

  34. Still need to fix it up, but here’s my first post.

  35. A comment on the overall participation on Writers Island: This is terrific to see so many creative people sharing their work and others responding to it in a positive way. However I do think that a lot of our work could be made much better, much tighter with some gentle criticism, a suggestion here or there, rather than blind praise. I did this a little this week, so I hope people aren’t taken aback by the introduction of a different flavor of response. Let me know what you think about this, please.

  36. My opinion about critique: only when it is asked for. If this were explicitly a workshop blog experience we would all expect critique. However, that is not my understanding of the blog. Personally, I often ask for critique because I do want to improve my writing and understand how others react to it – But I also write things that I don’t really want critique about especially if it is simply a piece sharing some bit of happiness or sorrow I am experiencing at the moment – these kinds of pieces are personal things I choose to share, receiving critique is not my goal – my goal is to connect with others.

  37. writersisland

    Jonas –

    Thank you Beverley for sharing your perspective concerning critique here on the island.

    Here is my personal perspective on your comment, and only my perspective. I don’t presume to speak for other islanders.

    I am pleased you are participating in Writers Island. I welcome your contributions and hope they continue weekly. I also genuinely believe that you certainly should comment on the writing of other islander’s as you personally feel is appropriate.

    That said, I do want to suggest that Writers Island exists to encourage people to write, and as a relaxed and comfortable place for people to share their work with others. The spirit of the island is not necessarily to promote the detailed critique of our fellow islander’s work.

    There are other sites whose sole purpose is to invite detailed critique, and that is why people have joined such sites. At least two such sites I can suggest are sites I have personally joined as a member, namely: Open Mike Cafe and Emerging Poets — both sites exist with the sole purpose to promote and foster in depth critique of their member’s work.

    If you are looking for that specific type of feedback on a consistent basis, I think you would find registering at, and participating in, the aforementioned two sites, and others like them, to be very satisfying. I fully enjoy my participation in them, when in depth critique of a piece I’m working on is what I seek.

    As I wrote above, I truly feel anyone coming to Writers Island has the right to offer directed critique of his or her fellow islander’s work — if they so choose. However, this type of point by point critique is not the core intention of this particular site. The primary intention of Writers Island is simply to encourage the act of writing.

  38. Rob, I like the new look. It reads better for me eyes too. Thanks!

  39. jo

    Yep, me liking look too……..I have real problems with black blogs, they give me migraine!

  40. UL

    I just discovered this site by accident. I loved it, not sure if this is the write time to respond to this prompt but since I already had something writtern from awhile ago, thought I would share. I sure would love to visit regularly and contribute my two cents. Nice to meet you all! Here’s the link to my key ….


  41. Hi Rob,
    I haven’t been able to participate over the last couple of weeks. I had to finish a project for a course I’ve been doing. Next week I will be on holiday but I hope to join in when I get back. Like Jo I have a problem with black blogs; I find them difficult to read. The black was attractive but I’m relieved that you’ve changed to white.

  42. Ah, yes, Easy to read. The black is exotic and lovely but hard on the eyes. Love this island – thanks for making it all possible.

  43. So thrilled to see this site having so much success!

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