WRITER’S LINK: “Renewal”

Greetings once again Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. Here is the post to which you can submit your links in the comments section. Remember, only post the link to your work here — as a ‘comment’, and please make certain your link is accurate.

If you’re new, we’re glad you’ve come — all the details of ‘How To Come Ashore’ are posted in the sidebar. If you’ve returned, welcome back!

Writers Island is your island. Please feel free to let us all know what you want and need on the island to make it a nurturing experience. Your suggestions will be submitted to the island community for consideration.

Now, find yourself a comfortable place to settle in, there is food and drink for everyone — the kind that nourishes your spirit. Then later, take a walk into the foothills just above the west beach — it’s beautiful there among the trees.Β  It’s a great place to take in the seasonal change — and read your fellow islanders’ contributions to this week’s prompt, “Renewal”.

The changing seasons are always beautiful here on the island, and the breezes are aways cool… so please, relax, express yourself, and let these cool breezes carry your words.

RENEW — fellow islanders! πŸ˜‰



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85 responses to “WRITER’S LINK: “Renewal”

  1. I have late-night silliness to share. I’m eager to see how everyone else was inspired!


  2. Here’s my take on this week’s prompt:
    Renewal of the seasons

  3. Ps

    I found this prompt challenging.Wanted to write a poem–but ended up with prose.Here’s my link.


  4. Aloha, Island people!

    My contribution this week is Renewal

  5. Jo

    Hi there everyone,
    mine’s up too:


    Curious what you think of it….

  6. http://myunclepepeksjournal.blogspot.com/2007/10/wi-renewal.html

    Hey-hey! It’s working! It has somehow RENEWED itself (or been renewed, however it was done). Thanks!

  7. Hi Everyone! I really liked this topic and had fun with it. Here’s what I
    came up with:


  8. jo

    Hi everyone,

    Here’s mine


    and I’ll be back to read in a couple of hours!

  9. Here’s mine:


    I may vanish for a few hours, my laptop is getting worked on this morning. I’ll be back to read later.

  10. Great to visit the Island again! This is a gift. You have the key. Enjoy the journey. A renewal one.


  11. Good morning. A poem I wrote for my upcoming poetry book about the 21st Century in poetry. It’s called “Amnesia”


  12. It’s the grand opening of my shop on Writers Island! Welcome one and all and thank you Rob for providing this opportunity. πŸ˜€




  13. Dan

    You’re doing great things here at the Island. What a wonderful response!! http://poeticjustice-dan.blogspot.com/

  14. trying the link again…look here

  15. can you tell it’s early in the morning? One last time…

    go HERE

  16. writersisland

    Rose –

    You are most welcome! πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for being so industrious and opening “Get Down Dewy”, it’s a wonderful place that will serve your fellow islanders well…

  17. The miracle of nature can sometimes renew me…does that count? If so, here’s my entry!


  18. Here’s my poem about renewal:


    Have a wonderful Tuesday on the Island.

  19. here is mine…

    it was difficult to find a poem with the word renewal… but I was successful with the word renew in this clever poem by Antonio Bellotti about a one year poet’s anniversary with a typewriter


  20. writersisland

    Fledgling Poet –

    Whatever your muse inspires as a result of the prompt is always just right, and counts for a great deal… πŸ˜‰

    Your inspired words are exactly what we want you to share!

  21. Kai

    life is a great teacher:

    Thanks for stopping by. PEace, Kai

  22. Hi fellow Islanders….
    I am here by the skin of my teeth…..
    It was a hard one for me.

    my poem

    Much thanks to Rob!


  23. writersisland

    BD –

    Much thanks to you, and all our fellow islanders… πŸ˜‰

  24. I have to say, I am really enjoying writing a poem BEFORE I check the prompt here on the island. It makes for a very interesting twist on what I have written. Here it is Hurry, Hurry, Step Right Up

    Comments & critique welcome, encouraged, even!

  25. I’m so glad I got a chance to participate this week.


  26. my mind went to my sons return to our nest….hope this appropriately defines ‘renewal’ πŸ™‚


  27. Good morning and happy Tuesday to all the Writers Island citizens … here’s my link:


    JanePoe (aka Deborah)

  28. Hi – This is my first time here – Hope I am not too late.

    Resurrection — http://thehungryghost.net/2007/10/09/resurrection/

  29. deb

    I’ve missed a couple of weeks. Here’s my graphic and literal response to “renewal”, Due Date. Hope you enjoy it.

  30. writersisland

    Mark –

    You can never be too late here on the island. Welcome ashore!

  31. Hi everyone, my renewal story is up and ready for viewing. Will try to be around to comment on others as much as I can later. Thanks everyone!!


  32. deb

    Umm. A clarification. I didn’t mean adult or intense when I wrote graphic. It is a mild-mannered offering.

    Not even a librarian would be offended. πŸ™‚

  33. Mine’s up, mine’s up!! I’m very excited this week, because I’ve continued my story, and it seems to be taking on a life of it’s own.


    I’m thinking soon it’ll be time to name the story.

  34. Good grief lots of you must stay up late to post early! Here is my link on renewal.


  35. writersisland

    deb –

    No problem if it were adult or intense. You might, out of courtesy, want to alert that its adult content.

    That said, this is a free space for writers to express themselves — no censorship of content… with this caveat: this island community will not abide prurient sexual violence, pedophilia, or bestiality.

    However, I don’t foresee that ever being an issue. We’re adults on Writers Island… we can self-censor. Besides, we seem to attract a quality group! πŸ˜‰

  36. My first time to the island…thank you for this space and the topic this week was perfect timing for me!


    Thank you!

  37. Just when we think we have learned lessons we discover that we need a sort of booster shot, and renewal. This beginning of a series of poems addresses that relearning of lessons over and over.


  38. Well, during the week I struggled with coming up with something on theme that I liked, and was starting to feel a little surly about it all. But then this morning inspiration finally struck and this is what came of it, a companion piece to a poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Great prompt!

    To the Heart of It (II)

  39. Rob, thanks for the encouragement. Every island has a dark corner – a cave perhaps, with a quirky, odd individual as the inhabitant. I guess I am that guy. I just hope the stories I tell are worth the risk of a visit.


  40. My renewal from a roadtrip through New England.


    Good to be back πŸ™‚

  41. Ron

    This is one way I see ‘Renewal’

    click here: Possibility

  42. Really late – but here nonetheless.

    My entry is password protected – if you would like to read it just email me at kimberley-s@wildmail.com.

    Tried to fashion a poem from a free write stream of consciousness I did this morning.


  43. I have been enjoying writer’s Island! Thank you for renewing my interest in writing ~! I have employed the last 3 prompts and will continue !!! “RENEWAL” was especially meaningful to me!


  44. Darn. Late again. Here it is though….Strange chain of thought…”Renewal” became “clean slate,” which became “blank page,” which became “story.”

    Let me know what you think…


  45. hello, what a lovely site…here is my first submission…renewal

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