PROMPT: “Message In A Bottle”

Hello my island friends!

This morning, in the smoky-gray glow of pre-dawn, I decided to take a stroll around to the east side of Writers Island to watch the sunrise. The sea goes molten at dawn as the sun rises to warm the island. It’s beautiful to behold… and my stroll was wonderful, as the stars were still visible in the firmament.

Just as I sat down amidst the tall sparse beach grasses, on the top of a sandy knoll at waters edge — the golden orb of the sun began to crown on the horizon, and set the ocean ablaze. First it was a narrow, but ever widening field of sparkling orange, reaching toward shore — but it soon spread it’s golden fire wide across the entire ocean, its rampant facets licking at the morning mist.

It was at the moment of full fiery engulfment, that a glint, a spark… an obvious flash caught my eye. It was on the beach, at the furthest reach of the morning breakers, as they rolled gently in to capture the beach.

I rose and started toward the beckoning flash. As I approached I saw an object barely poking out of the wet sand. Coming fully upon it I realized it was a glass bottle, its neck the only part visible above the sea foam that encircled it with each lapping wave.

Curiosity guided my hand as I dug the bottle out of its sandy entombment. After wiping the clinging grit from its surface my curiosity suddenly spiked to excitement! Sealed with cork and wax inside the dark green glass, was something rolled into a slender tube — its shape visible but distorted by the hand-blown container.

I eagerly but carefully broke the seal, removed the cork, and cautiously freed the rolled paper, tipping the bottle so the contents fell into my hand. My breathe caught as I understood what this was I held — an authentic ‘message in a bottle’… a thing of myth and legend. But here I stood, possessing this mysterious communique from the past.

I very gently unrolled the brittle, ancient scroll, and my eyes beheld the quilled handwriting of, what I imagined, was a long-dead castaway, or perhaps a pirate captain, whose crew had mutinied. I slowly read the note, doing my best to understand the Old English in which it was penned.

My spine tingled and my skin crawled as I read the words affixed to the parchment — it said…

And this, fellow islanders, is the prompt for week six. You have each found a “Message In A Bottle”. Please share with the rest of us what mystery was revealed to you, or what urgent dispatch, or deep secret you discovered, or what solemn ‘last words’ you may have read — and tell us what you did after reading this communication from a time past.

Create your poem, prose, short story, essay, or commentary — and post it on your blog. Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

Then return here Tuesday, October 16th, at 12:01 AM, U.S. East Coast Time. A new post will be open for you to place the link to the piece you’ve written — and which you have posted on your site.

Me thinks, my island mates, that this prompt might spark some great adventure, or reveal some fascinating secret. Can’t wait to find out! 😉


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