PROMPT: “The Stranger”

As I was walking on the beach last night, I got to thinking about an old classic Hitchcock movie, “Strangers on a Train”, made in 1951. It is a wonderfully fascinating and suspenseful movie.

That got me to thinking about the concept of ‘stranger’ — and the wide variety of images, perceptions, and emotions that word can quickly conjure… excitement, mystery, fear, curiosity, attraction, and many more.

So… for the seventh Writers Island prompt, I chose this word of intrigue, feeling it will allow for a broad possibility of captivating interpretations.

Let your imagination run wild this week, and create your poem, prose, short story, essay, or commentary — and post it on your blog. Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

If you’re new, the details for coming ashore can be found in the right sidebar. To our regular islanders, you know how to navigate the surf — and welcome back!

All please then return here Tuesday, October 23rd, at 12:01 AM, U.S. East Coast Time. A new post will be open for you to place the link to the piece you’ve written — and which you have posted on your site.


NOTE: take a peek at the notice about the ‘Poetry Wave’ you’ll find at the top of the right sidebar. Please check it out and share your reactions. Thanks! 😉


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