PROMPT: “The Dream”

Last night I was back on stage in front of a huge crowd. My band was rockin’ and the place was electric, everybody just vibrating with the energy of youth and freedom!

I gazed out on the sea of smiling faces illuminated by the light show ablaze around us, and wrapped myself in the warm glow of the spots, soaring on the sound of my band — it was awesome, and we were on fire! Our song was tight and I was in top voice — and when we finished the crowd roared its approval.

The roar got louder and louder until suddenly — I was snapped back to reality, awaken by the roar. But it was not an audience — it was the surf crashing onto the beach not far from my hammock.

I’d been dreaming… dreaming of my past, of the good times on the road, when all I had to worry about was what I was wearing on stage tonight, and which city was next on the tour — and there might have been a girl or two that crossed my mind.

The dream was so real, so vivid — I was somewhat sad when it ended. That was when I realized what the next prompt should be here on the island… “The Dream”!

So… for the eleventh Writers Island prompt, think about those wondrous, or terrifying, or stimulating sojourns you’ve taken in the night, in your sleep — tell us the one that was the most memorable, or traumatic, or perhaps the one you wish you’d have.

Or maybe its a special place you dream of going, or something fantastic you dream of doing, or someone you dream of meeting — whatever… tell us about ‘the’ dream.

Share it with us in your poem, prose, short story, essay, or commentary — then post it on your blog. If not about your dream of dreams, write about whatever moves you.

Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

If you’re new to the island, the details for how to become and islander can be found in the right sidebar. To our regular islanders, you know how to navigate the surf — and welcome back!

Everyone, please return here Tuesday, November 20th. At 12:01 AM, U.S. East Coast Time, a new post will be open for you to place, at your convenience, the link to the piece you’ve written — and which you have posted on your site.

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