WRITER’S LINK: “This Season”

Hello Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, December 18th, 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. It’s time to tell us how you embrace ‘this season’ of celebration and renewal.

Maybe it’s a tradition you carry on, or have started. Perhaps you have a special memory of this season, or this season might be all about family to you, or gifts, or foods, or joy – something humorous, or moving… or regrettably, you may have a sad story. This may just be another season to you. Whatever — please share with us.

Here is the post to which you can submit, in the ‘comments’ section, your link to your piece now posted on your blog. Remember, post only the link to your work here — not the piece itself… and please make certain your link is accurate.

If you’re new, welcome ashore! More details of ‘How To Be An Islander’ are posted in the sidebar. If you’ve returned, a warm welcome back!

Writers Island belongs to us all. Please let us know what you want and need on the island to make it an enjoyable and nurturing experience.

What have you to share regarding “This Season” — or whatever it is you have written? We’re all eager to hear! So let’s everyone get comfortable here on the island, and share our work.


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51 responses to “WRITER’S LINK: “This Season”

  1. ill be celebrating christmas alone (yet again)


  2. Tis the Season

    Hope you’re all feeling healthier than I am in this holiday season.

  3. my heart really isn’t in the whole season thing this year.. so you can either look at the silly piece,, that i think will put a smile on your face ….“miss masie”

    to a dirge full piece i wrote about the season….“X=mas”

  4. Greetings Poets and Writers,

    Funny how these things get writ. “This Season,” prompted two from me. The first is here:


    After which just click “next,” or click here:


  5. gingatao!

    Hopefully my one and only ever Christmas piece. Please don’t read it if you have extreme religeous sensibilities or you are old enough to understand rude words but not old enough to say them out loud.

  6. UL

    Just got back from an ER visit since my daughter was feeling ill, hence this delay – here’s my resolution for the upcoming season –


  7. Here are a couple of seasonal haiku on my Alter Ego blog:


    that post also links to another seasonal haiku on Crafty Green Poet.

  8. May I present to you my ramblings on The Season


    By popular request I now have an Epilogue to my short story The Stranger


  9. Season’s Greetings everyone! I had every intention of writing something about “this season” and then I was taken down another path to another kind of season…….THE season…….


    Hey Rob,
    Are your plans to set up writer’s island to meet and to post midnight on Christmas Day? Just wondering. 🙂

  10. rel

    Come along and we’ll revel in the snow and “hook” some cars.


    May the season excite you and bring you peace.

  11. writersisland

    Awareness –

    Yes, there will be a prompt posted next Saturday, December 22nd, at 12:01 AM U.S. East Coast Time. The difference next week will be, the ‘Prompt’ post will also be the ‘Writers Link’ post — so you can post your piece Immediately upon completing it… and you will have more time to post, and less interference with holiday festivities.

  12. wishing my fellow islanders a Merry Christmas
    and a happy healthy and Creative New Year!


  13. Mine includes an abstract photo and a poemChristmas Tree March. It is posted on my other blog.

    Have a great holiday y’all.

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  15. Season’s Greetings to all the islanders!

    This season is for kids and the children within.


    I wish you all well.

    ~ Jeques

  16. When the meaning for “The Season” changes.


  17. I’m branching out and doing a bit of prose this week, instead of poetry:


  18. Wishing each Islanders all possible good things…

    Remaking Tradition

  19. Had to come back after all my wonderful visits last week. Again I am off topic, but this is real and it is happening here and now. I have also written much more in the last week if you have time.
    Like a Cat

  20. This isn’t my first visit here, but it’s my first link. This story wasn’t written in response to the prompt, but somehow seems relevant — and I’d love to have some feedback on it: Changeling | a short short story.

    I look forward to spending some time here in the coming year.

    May you enjoy the shortest day, and the longest night!

  21. This is late but needed to be written anyway!

    Relinquishing Hope

  22. This has been up for a couple of days, but I didn’t make it to the Island on time, and I may not get back to wish everyone here a Happy Holiday! So, however you are celebrating, Cheers! :o)


  23. Chris


    I know there is already a new topic, but I was lazy this week and only just now started and finished my story — such as it is.

    Thank you to all the people to read my post last week and left such ego boosting comments.

    The Gift

  24. Earth Day isn’t until April 22, 2008… but what the hell…
    Happy Early Earth day!


  25. This seems to be a nice place to ‘hang your hat” or just sit and read a bit. Thanks to my friend who pointed me this way. I hope to enjoy it more. Darrel

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