PROMPT: “Over The Horizon”

Hello Islanders. Sorry this post was delayed. We had a major windstorm here in the Portland area. I lost power to my home, and therefore — no cable internet connection. Power was just restored so I’m back online.

Well, we are at the very beginning of a brand new year — and I wish you all the absolute best in 2008.

We all hope for the best, even making resolutions that we will strive to make things better — but we really don’t know what lies ahead.

This got me thinking about a great prompt for this week, as we begin our journey into this new year, wondering what may be in store for us — “over the horizon”.

So, the sixteenth prompt here on Writers Island is: “Over The Horizon”. Please share with us, your fellow islanders, what you think or hope lies ahead for you. What you are envisioning in your future. It could be that you already know something wonderful that is just over your horizon — tell us about it.

Perhaps you can recount an unexpected episode or event that you encountered as you made your way over a past horizon. Maybe tell us about what you think would be a great surprise, or a source of much concern for you to discover over the horizon. If you don’t want to share a peek over the horizon — write about whatever moves you.

Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

If you’re new to the island, the details for how to become an islander can be found in the right sidebar. To our regular islanders, you know how to navigate the surf — and welcome back!

Everyone, please return here Tuesday, January 8th. A new post will open at 12:01 AM, U.S. East Coast time on that day — for you to place, at your convenience, the link to the piece you’ve written… and which you have posted on your site.

Until then, prime your imagination — and may your muse be kind!

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