WRITER’S LINK: “Over The Horizon”

Hello Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, January 8th, somewhat before 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. This post opens early this night because I am at a College Football Championship party — and I didn’t want to open the Writer’s Link late.

It’s time to tell us what you envision ‘over the horizon’ for yourself.

It could be that you already know something wonderful that is just over your horizon — tell us about it.

Perhaps you can recount an unexpected episode or event that you encountered as you made your way over a past horizon. Maybe tell us about what you think would be a great surprise, or a source of much concern for you to discover over the horizon.

You can simply use the prompt to inspire a bit of creative writing. If you don’t want to share a peek over the horizon — write about whatever moves you.

Here is the post to which you can submit, in the ‘comments’ section, your link to your piece now posted on your blog. Remember, post only the link to your work here — not the piece itself… and please make certain your link is accurate.

If you’re new, welcome ashore! More details of ‘How To Be An Islander’ are posted in the sidebar. If you’ve returned, a warm welcome back!

Writers Island belongs to us all. Please let us know what you want and need on the island to make it an enjoyable and nurturing experience.

What you have to share regarding “Over The Horizon” — or whatever it is you have written… we’re all eager to hear! So let’s everyone get comfortable here on the island, and share our work.


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66 responses to “WRITER’S LINK: “Over The Horizon”

  1. “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop.”

    Here’s my walk, my journey to the sea and over the horizon where The Flickering Lights beacon my dreams.

    I wish all well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. A little surprised to see an early prompt.. Here’s my thoughts

    Happy new year, fellow islanders

  3. Nothing Nobel Prize winning this week but sweet, cute and with meaning.

  4. Pip

    Yay – I’m back! I’ve written another of my poems about the city I live in, inspired by the word ‘horizon’, rather than about what might be in my future.


  5. http://www.herburban.com/?p=2791

    This prompt brought a serious poem out of me. Thanks, as always!

  6. It brought a different piece from me. It is but a rough draft written a few minutes back.

    sans defeat

  7. UL

    Oh my, we are early…! Here’s mine after a long break, happy 08 Everyone


  8. My wife and I knew that death was over the horizon, but we did not think it would be so soon. We had to put our oldest cat, Blessing, to sleep this evening.

    I have posted a tribute poem called, “The Gray Warrior”, along with pictures from his life.

    Thank you my friends.


  9. Just hoping these are attainable resolutions 😉

    Some appreciation to all as I celebrate my 30th bday


  10. I’m not sure this is in its final state, but I decided t post it anyway.


  11. Glad to hear you’ve got power back Rob, I hope the storm didn’t do too much damage.

    Here’s my link for this week:


  12. Lea

    It’s so good to be back on the Island!

    Here is both the last prompt and this week together…

    Over The Horizon & Earth

  13. Mine doesn’t link directly to the prompt but I’ve explained how I got there.


  14. Paris Parfait

    Here’s my poem about “Over the horizon.” Sorry I’ve been absent for a few weeks, as I’ve had a severe case of bronchitis. Happy new year!


  15. rel

    I put this up on Sunday Scribblings and it is appropo here also.

    Guide your own course over the horizon.


    Find your happiness,

  16. Ps

    A simply story
    Told in poetry

    Hope it moves you as much as it moved me, while writing it.


  17. I dug back into some old stuff to find one that I felt fit the theme nicely:


  18. Aloha from the island that is my house in a melting puddle of ice that was my yard a few days ago…
    Here is my submission, first ever:

    Over The Horizon

  19. Sorry, my horizon seems a bit dark right now.

    my poem


  20. a girl can dream…or should she? Over the horizon

  21. Here’s my take on Beyond the Horizon. A bewitching look into the gravitational pull of our nightly visitor, Sister Moon:

    Beyond That Luminous Horizon

  22. Just another little story.


  23. another excellent prompt…feels great to be back to the island…i was sorta lost tho after reading the posts i have been inspired…

  24. Horizons move! Here’s my take on the prompt.

  25. I’m a little slow getting back into the swing of things. But here is offering.

  26. Looks like lots of good reading here. Glad to see so many people taking part. I will skip this month even though I had fun writing for the last prompt. I do plan to do more!

  27. Greetings Writer’s Island inhabitants and visitors …

    here’s my look over the horizon


  28. Let’s see if I can do this right. My first submission.
    Over The Horizon

  29. Hi Everyone! I’m late — but I’m back, after a bit of writer’s block and being out
    of town. I hope everyone is well! I liked this topic, Rob. Here is my poem:


  30. Chris

    I just finished, but my family isn’t allowing me to re-read, so I hope I haven’t missed anything too glaring. My husband and I had a discussion as to whether “captain” should be capitalized or not. We decided not, anyone else…

    Terror Over the Horizon

  31. jadey73

    Better late than never mine is up

  32. jadey73

    oops sorry mine is up and that is at http://www.jadey73.blogspot.com

  33. To cover Over the Horizon, Earth, and The Season:


  34. She’s Back!!! I just edited yesterdays story. I posted it on a authors website and decided to upgrade just a bit. 64th on the list today.

  35. finally coming again to this wonderful place…I love the writer’s here

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