WRITER’S LINK: “Treasure”

Hello Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, January 15th, 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. Time to share your “Treasure”.

Are you going to tell us about a treasure (physical or metaphysical) you might be looking for, or have found, or maybe lost? Maybe you’re going to touch upon what you treasure most in life — treasured family member(s), treasured friend(s), treasured memory, treasured possession… or the like.

Perhaps you are going to take us on an imaginary (or real) treasure hunt! Please share with us any bit of creative writing the prompt “Treasure” brings to mind. Or create for us a different piece of writing, if “Treasure” doesn’t stir you.

Here is the post to which you can submit, in the ‘comments’ section, your link to your piece now posted on your blog. Remember, post only the link to your work here — not the piece itself… and please make certain your link is accurate.

What you have to share regarding “Treasure” — or whatever it is you have written… we’re all eager to hear! So let’s everyone get comfortable here on the island, and share our work.



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69 responses to “WRITER’S LINK: “Treasure”

  1. Allow me to be your travel guide this week. Destination: The Big Island. Hope you enjoy your visit. Thanks, as always!


  2. Just found a new treasure in a foreign land. A treasure to keep. Meet my new bestfriend.


  3. Thanks for the inspiration. Here’s my Trash Day

  4. Thanks for the wonderful topic
    Here is my take The Treasure

  5. Greetings all! Here is a place I treasure:


  6. Search for hidden treasures here

  7. A poem called “Living Wage; A Satire of History Repeating”.


  8. rel

    I present to you a treasure map. It’ll take mucho fortitude to traverse it here:



  9. Here’s my take – a dark fictional tale of the after effects of nuclear war:

    /Black Rain

  10. okay, i did something wrong in the linking – let’s try again….

    Black Rain

  11. HERE IT IS! i think today is a good day to stay home…..sorry, folks but i hope this short circuit doesn’t dissuade you….and, i hope this finally works!


  12. Here’s a poem about a very peculiar and organic kind of treasure. Hope everyone is having a nice week!

  13. I’m still looking for my treasure

  14. great prompt again. I was inspired by Remimans’date’ memory.


  15. lots of memories garnered while deciding what to write about. thanks for the prompt Rob


  16. I’ve been on a short story kick this week…stepping away from the poetry for a bit…here’s my offering:


  17. Hello, Islanders. I have been away, but I am back (with a brand new computer). Please stop by and see what I have been doing!

  18. Hard to pick just one, but for my character of Chelle LaFleur, this is a true treasure. I think she sleeps with it.


  19. This is my first visit to the island. Thanks to Rob for pointing me in this direction!

    My entry

  20. Hi, I was shipwrecked but I swam back to the Island – and found all this treasure! Thank you…

  21. Chris

    Well…I like the idea of this story, but I’m not sure I like the story…

    Well Spent

  22. My “Treasure” is a 100 word drabble:


    Secret Cave of Hidden Desire: Treasure

  23. Treasures are everywhere … and I find lots of them here on Writers Island … so a heartfelt thank you to all Islanders


  24. WOW!!…lots to read…another great post!!!


  25. Bonsoir fellow islanders …

    here is JanePoe’s Treasure.

    peace & blessings to all,

  26. My first posting! “Treasure for Writer’sIsland”

    Thank you so much for finding me Rob!


  27. My second posting! “On the other side of the creek”

    Strangely, I had just written this poem and posted it on my blog when I noticed Rob’s invitation here (in an earlier blog). Why is that strange? It is strange because the word “treasure” becomes a vital part of the poem!


  28. Here is another submission for this topic! Maybe a bit dreamy! But one can have the weirdest of thoughts at 4am when sleep seems elusive! Definitely “treasures” if those thoughts seem to spring from nowhere at that time of the morning! Strangely, after I wrote them, I went back to bed and had a beautiful sleep! Hope you find them inspiring! Enjoy!

    Smiles and Light


  29. Hello Everyone!

    This is way too late, but this blog entry was intended for this prompt. I failed to post this because I was already in the Philippines when the link was opened and I’m too busy with something else which I hope you know by now. Here is my post

    Returning Him

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

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