WRITER’S LINK: “Fork in the Road”

Hello Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, January 22nd, 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. Time to share regarding “Fork in the Road”.

You can also consider “Crossroad” in the spirit of the prompt. It carries a like meaning, and provides essentially the same inspiration. A simple decision made at a ‘fork in the road’, or a ‘crossroad’ in your life, can lead you to a significantly different destination.

Maybe your inspiration will be a time you came to a place of critical decision in your life, and how you did or did not handle it, or the outcome — good or bad? Your inspiration may be a big decision that is just ahead for you, or someone you care about?

Perhaps you prefer to simply share a bit of creative writing, related or unrelated to the prompt? Whatever has moved you — that’s what we all want to read.

Here is the post to which you can submit, in the ‘comments’ section, your link to your piece now posted on your blog. Remember, post only the link to your work here — not the piece itself… and please make certain your link is accurate.

Please tell us where your muse led you regarding “Fork in the Road” — or whatever it is you have written… we’re all eager to hear! So let’s everyone get comfortable here on the island, and share our work.


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63 responses to “WRITER’S LINK: “Fork in the Road”

  1. For some odd reason I’m still awake at midnight. I’m not usually near the top 5! 😀
    Look forward to reading everyone’s this week!

  2. its about time to decide about my career again


  3. Here’s mine. I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s, but must sleep first!

    Five-Spice Haunting

  4. I just posted the confused minds sessoin…here
    Would like to hear your feedback

  5. I was ruined at any early age by rock and roll and roll. Whenever I hear or see the word “crossroad,” I immediately think of Robert Johnson, the bluesman who sold his soul for musical prowess.

    Here then:


  6. Thought I would try a few twists and turns for this one! Hope you enjoy!

    Smiles and Light


  7. i am beginning to think y’all stay up all night to post this!!!!


  8. Paris Parfait

    At the crossroads, with a nod to Robert Frost and Andre Gide.


  9. jadey73

    Hi all hope you all had a great weekend. Mine is up please check it out.

  10. paisley, people like me live in other parts of the world too where it is not midnight! By the time I post, half the day is over!

  11. Being a morning person I never stay up late if I can help it, and I live out west in the U. S. so there I am in the 30’s or 40’s every time. Sigh. Well here it is.

  12. I invite you all to stop by and give me some constructive criticism:


  13. <A HREF =”http://moelauher.blogspot.com/2008/01/where-we-live-4.html”Where We Live – #4

  14. Chris

    I always feel I should say something witty in this space, so…

    Two strings walk into a bar…

    Fork in the road

  15. I’m not fond of baring my soul so I’ve written a light-hearted piece after one involving a major personal dilemma which I wrote to unburden myself after I had read the prompt on Saturday. I will link to the former and there is no need to go further…

    road not taken

  16. Here’s a poem by a high school student from the wits program:



  17. Here’s mine for this prompt. Thanks for the Island.

    Once Across the Styx

  18. Hi everyone… I am late and my post is
    Very Short and VERY silly but I hope you stop by anyway! :))


  19. Here’s this week’s installment….enjoy

    Forked Love

  20. http://authenticallymine.blogspot.com/2008/01/forks-in-my-roads.html

    Better late than never. I have to get back to the island more regularly!

  21. rel

    2 days late and $2.00 short but hey what the heck when your shipwrecked it’s all about making it to the island. 😉


  22. just wanted to say thanks for being my little writer’s support group this last post! I had no idea how ‘normal’ it is to feel insecure in the writing world..:D
    Everyone had such great advice and made me smile 😀
    I will be more confident from now on and if not, i’ll just read the comments on my fork on the road post!
    rel, it’s never too late! I’ll be right over!

  23. I hope my post related to this prompt.. I’m trying something…


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