Prompt & Link: “Desire”


NOTE: In response to some suggestions from Islanders, things have changed here on Writer’s Island, making things easier for all. Please read the new simpler procedures in the sidebar.

It’s approaching 9:00 AM Friday morning, January 25th, 2008, on the U.S. west coast — so here I am with a new Prompt!

This week’s, and the nineteenth Writer’s Island prompt is: “Desire”.

I’m not going to make any suggestions how you might approach this week’s prompt. I am hoping you will simply free associate with “Desire”, and let your muse take you from there. Surprise us!

Whatever moves you this week, that’s what we all want to read.

So, when you have finished your piece, please return here to this post and place your link to your work as a comment — and as you know, just the link, not the piece.

No need to rush, this post will be open to receive your links for the entire week, leading up to the next prompt.

May this, and every week, bring a little passion — and may your muse be kind! We can’t wait to see what you write…


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78 responses to “Prompt & Link: “Desire”

  1. Good morning everyone. My post about desire starts on my blog, but finishes in the Orchid Room. Click here are provided on my blog.



  2. pri

    here’s my contribution :

    hope it makes u stop and think a while…:)

  3. i forgot to mention how happy i am that you opened the prompt earlier like this,, as sometimes the desire to write the piece as prompted disallows holding on to it for days in order to post when called for….

    is there any way you can enable comment follow up emails?? i do believe it would make us more apt to read each entry if we were prompted to do so by an email….

    especially since there will not be a mad rush to post all at one time….

  4. anthonynorth

    Okay, this is my first attempt here, having just found you. Hope you enjoy.

  5. Every now and then, Trevor lets us see his Desire

  6. Good morning Saturday writers!

    It is a luscious, sunny Austraia Day here! And I thought today was a very symbolic time to post “Desire”. In the light of recent Heath Ledger sadnesses, I felt the wonder of desire’s depths should be explored! Enjoy!

    Smiles and Light

  7. will come back later to read….

  8. I’ve posted my contribution on another of my sites this week. It’s short and I hope you find it sweet!

  9. Sorry keith – but for some reason, your site won’t accept my comment. So here it is!

    You have carefully captured the perpetuation, even the cycle of feeding buried in desire!

    Nice write!

    Smiles and Light

    Gemma Wiseman

  10. My post is a short story on the desires one simply wishes throughout life — some being given; others not. The desires are not grandiose, just simple basic needs that sometimes seem to be so unattainable. (I’ve killed two birds with one stone as I have also written it for Sunday Scribblings)

    The Felling of a Tree

  11. I liked the Tuesday linking. Just my thought. Not that it deters me from posting now.

    Fired by desire, stuck in a quagmire, here is my post:

    housing my soul

  12. my desire as a chemical engg grad and some poetry inspired by my profession 🙂

  13. Bummer, I kind of liked the definite Tuesday deadline. Oh well.

    I wrote a villanelle:

  14. The heavy snowfall made me return to an old piece for a few revisions. Thanks!


    I seem to have had a bit of a creative drought, but here ‘s my first fiction exercise of the year.

    thanks Islanders! dx

  16. Good morning everyone. Thank you Rob for opening up the postings. It makes it easier to post on the weekend when I have more time. I want to link you all to a piece I wrote during the Christmas holidays….relatively new writing. I am also working on another piece i hope to have completed later today.

    cheers to everyone.

  17. I wrote something new this morning for the prompt. Time will tell if I can take it to Broadway or the small screen. Thanks, as always.

  18. Well, I ended up being in the 30’s anyway, so I must say I don’t like this as well. I wonder if I’ll like it better or not as time goes on. Guess, we’ll see.
    For now, here is my selection.

  19. Hi everybody, thanks for the prompt Rob.
    I pulled this one from my archives as I have a strong desire to meet…

  20. UL

    A lame attempt, I liked the Tuesday linking though..gave me time to think and compose –

  21. here she be…………..

    my thoughts and stirring on desire……

  22. Inspiration returns!!!!
    I was starting to wonder, but this prompt dropped me right back into the world of that historical romance that is running through my mind…Eliza’s story continued

  23. What a hot prompt. Mine is now posted please everyone check it out.

  24. Mine is here…thanks for the prompt!

    Shoe Fetish

  25. LD

    This is my first contribution; I hope that it meets the standards!

  26. Chris

    Mine isn’t really worth the effort this week (that is not to imply that past weeks were), but if I don’t post it gives me permission to be a slacker.

    Synonyms On Parade

  27. See things have changed. I will keep posting on tuesday though because I am to busy in the weekend.
    Will visit you soon.
    Wrte a story with a bit of desire in it. Here it is:

  28. I guess I should pay more attention to the rest of the prompt… 🙂 A late take on desire. Attempted Resuscitation of Things Passed

  29. The new format has caught me on the hop. In the absence of inspiration, I’m doing a little recycling. The situation in the poem, was brought about, no doubt, by desire.

    demon mailer

  30. Short and sweet this week – this is all I want

  31. From the kid contingency, here’s one by a 5th grader about fire:

  32. Desire? Seems a somewhat strange word for me to be thinking on at my stage of life. At the moment, my one and only desire is for things to go on in my life as they have been. May I continue to roll out of bed in the morning, painfree and ready for life, as it was for me this morning. I desire each day that stretches before me to be one that promises to be a day worth living. Part of that “worth living” includes visiting my growing number of blog site friends. It’s a wonderful trip I am on! Mary from Meander With Me

  33. writersisland

    Mary –

    Continuity in life seems like an ideal ‘object of desire’ to me — and at 60, I can relate quite well.

    I wish you all the best! 😉


  34. Found a few minutes today to write one.
    My entry

  35. Sorry, that didn’t work. I thought I was getting pretty good at leaving a link, too. One more try.

    My entry

  36. Didn’t have the desire for the prompt, but I did post an essay of sorts with a variety of poems based on a single prompt.

  37. writersisland

    Hello Islanders –

    I hoped the new combined Prompt & Writer’s Link post worked out for everyone.

    I am going to stick with the single ‘combo’ post — but I may put one more wrinkle in it to try to make everyone happy? Stay tuned next week… 😉


  38. Did I mention I found paradise? Another writing prompt to push me through the week. *la-sigh*

    Aloha from a newbie. 😀

    A Consuming Desire

  39. writersisland

    Karen –

    I had to comment — I just LOVE the graphic image of the island you have posted with your piece!! 🙂

  40. I haven’t been here in a while…but this is a prompt that really spoke to me…

  41. Thanks so much! If you want it, just holler!

  42. Ps

    I must be the last one here!
    Here is my piece:

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