Prompt & Link: “Changed”

Hello Islanders –

Before I share with you this week’s prompt, I wanted to share this note — to tell you I’m genuinely happy to see you here, on the Island.

I founded the Island originally as a temporary destination for those of us set adrift when Poetry Thursday sunk. But the Island has flourished… because of writers, like you, who come to enjoy the tropical breeze, and to simply write — for the sheer pleasure of it! So, the beaches remain open, and all are most welcome!

Here’s a couple creative ‘island hopping’ tips to keep your muse entertained when not on the Island. Poetry Thursday is now ReadWritePoem. Check them out if you haven’t. And the crew at Totally Optional Prompts is doing a fine job. Both are excellent writing destinations.

Well, that’s all I wanted to say, except to add: “may your seas always be calm with a fair wind at your back — and may it always carry you exactly where you should be!” 😉


9:00 AM Friday morning, February 8th, 2008, on the U.S. west coast, is just over the horizon — so… here I am with a new Prompt!

This week’s, and the twenty first Writer’s Island prompt is: “Changed”.

Again, I’m not going to make any suggestions how you might approach this week’s prompt. Just contemplate the word “Changed”, and let your muse take you from there. Surprise, shock, mystify us!

Whatever moves your soul this week is what we all want to read. So, create your poem, prose, short story, essay, commentary, or whatever — and post it on your blog. Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

When you have finished your piece, please return here to this post and place your link to your work as a comment — and as you know, just the link, not the piece.

Please realize there is no need to rush, this post will be open to receive your links for the entire week, leading up to the next prompt.

May this, and every week, bring a little change into your life — and may your muse be kind! We can’t wait to see what you write…



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80 responses to “Prompt & Link: “Changed”

  1. well, i posted this last night at the very, very last minute to the magic theme, not realizing that a new theme was coming adrift today. but the entry i posted last night also applies to this week’s theme and so i have moved it: the CHANGE that is possible in all living things. i hope you enjoy the read.


  2. I decided to join in this week. Trying to spark my creativity and write more. Happy to have found this site.

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  3. Rebecca,

    All I can say is wow! Your post brought tears to my eyes. Not many things do that. Thanks

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  4. Maybe I have truly flipped my mind writing this:

    endless possibilities

  5. Wine dark,

    Well done. I could visualize and feel the emotions.

    Robin of mytwoblessings

  6. i used to serious about love afraid of being single but through the years i realize i can still live with it. i even laugh about it now but i still know how to be in love.

    here’s my entry

  7. Definitely a change for Mitchell.

    Poor guy.

  8. pri

    here is my contribution 🙂
    times have changed


  9. pri

    something seems to be wrong in the prev comment…sorry for being so technologically challenged 😀

    here is the link again…

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  11. Here’s mine for this week (incorporating both this prompt and the one from Sunday Scribblings – feeding two birds with one scone!)

    Kitchen Therapy

  12. Good Day Everyone!

    Here’s a series of poem I’ve written for 8 days, April 9 to April 16, 2003:

    My 8 Days Series Poem: Changes

    Changes are constant. Many more changes happened years after I wrote this series poem. The most recent is When The Feeling Is Gone a sequel to the series.

    I wish you all well.

    ~ Jeques

  13. I’m having a good time with the changing of the season – though it’s not happening anywhere near fast enough – and with quoting pop songs.

    Here’s mine:


  14. Is diversity finally coming to Herbsylvania, Idaho? Oy, can it be so?

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  16. Hey Rob, thanks for the plug for Read Write Poem!

    But Read Write Poem isn’t exactly Poetry Thursday transmuted (there will never be another Poetry Thursday, beautiful place it was). RWP was founded by one of the co-authors of Poetry Thursday and has some of (we hope!) the many fine attributes of PT.

    We hope folks will stop by and poke around and see what RWP is about, and share poetry with all at Read Write Poem.

    The best to you and all the islanders~…deb.

  17. I didn’t write this based on the prompt, but it turned out to fit well with the idea of “changed”:

  18. Story of a man ‘changed’ from a meek & mild church organist to a mass murderer, by loneliness and rejection — Reaper Groom (murder mystery).

    When you visit the post be sure to also ‘click’ and listen to the piece read by the author – with music and sound effects… oh my!

    If you wish to go first to the Spoken Word version, Click Here.

  19. Hello,
    I wrote this piece properly prompted by the prompt and now I am forever changed…

  20. Change is a constant is a powerful constant in my life.

  21. Chris

    Sometime facing the choice of change is the hardest thing of all…

    Fearsome Storm

  22. My first time here!
    This is my contribution-
    read it here

  23. Hi Everybody, It’s 2.17 am here in sunny Manchester,
    so I’ll post this now and look forward to reading your posts in the morning.

    Here goes:

  24. cricket51

    I am trying two new things this week. My first ever poem with a stab at humor.

    I Have Changed can be read at

  25. I enjoyed participating so much last week that I’m giving it another go this week.
    Thanks for all your support, everyone.
    Here ’tis:

  26. pri

    well have two pieces to contribute 🙂

    one (under poetry) which i have linked here earlier…

    and another (under prose–fiction), the link of which im giving below…ive just put it up today…

    do let me know what u think…
    thanks for the response on the poem so far 🙂

    pri 🙂

  27. It took me a few days for this prompt to come together, but here it is at last:

    Nearing Seven

  28. S.A.D.

    Mine has taken a similar form to last week’s.

  29. Changing the Skin I Live In….take a look.


  30. I changed my mind and went with my heart instead of my head
    thanks writers island.

  31. My first one. It is called Forest for the Trees.
    Here is the link

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  33. I’ve been trying to figure out where to take the story. Your prompt answered the question for me and got the creative juices flowing again, so thank you!! 🙂

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  35. lovely changes this past weekend…….all welcomed by the experience of live music……the perfect medicine for a snowy February…..

  36. I think I totally misunderstood the prompt for this week..
    hope it makes some sense

  37. Well, I couldn’t get too serious about this prompt…

    Pocket Change

  38. Meant to also say, thanks for the nod to TOP! Hope to see you all there as well.

  39. Here Paisley, I’ll save you. *g*


  40. My changed prompt is up please stop by and comment.

  41. I wish this would change back to the old format…I never can make it early…:(

  42. rel

    Good morning people,
    Just drabbling in change for a change.

    I like the prompt on friday. Gives me time to change my thoughts. 😉

  43. warriormare

    Good morning all,

    I’ve been away from the Island for a couple months, and I’ve MISSED both it and all of you. My piece is here, and it took me completely by surprise.

    Blessings to you today!

  44. Change can take many forms. I wrote this last night not thinking it was for any particular reason and just this morning decided it might work here.

    ‘But We’re Not Used To It’

  45. I think this one has been inside me for years now, just waiting for the right “prompt” to bring it out.

  46. By the time I finished with mine, it looks like its time for the next prompt.
    The “changed” piece here

  47. Hi, this is my first attempt at WI! Here’s my work. 🙂

  48. writersisland

    Islanders –

    Welcome to our first-timers: Melody, Veens, Myrtle Beach Whale, and J. C. Montgomery. We also welcome back a couple second-timers: Selma and Shirley. 😉

    Welcome to Warriormare, who used to visit as Hedwyg.

    Everyone might want to stop by their spot on the beach and say hi.

  49. writersisland

    Rambler –

    I liked your piece.

    Everyone remember — Misunderstanding a prompt is impossible, because there is NO ‘right’ way… only your way, and that’s what we want to read. 😉

  50. writersisland

    Jenn @ Mixed Metaphor –

    ‘Props’ to you Jenn for your unique approach to the Writer’s Island prompts! 😉

    If you’ve not been following her contributions, she has been working the weekly prompts into a serialized short story called the “Letter”. Check it out if you have not yet done so!

  51. Afternoon all. I totally didn’t feel like writing today, but I compromised and wrote a quick 250 word piece.

    Time For a Change

  52. i found this in my archives, i was excited to see the theme. here’s what i had.

  53. I am finally writing so I am posting here. Suprise Suprise…hope you enjoy it Bloody Love Arrows and my friend wrote a great poem as well that I decided to post on my site called Ode to V-day

  54. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration. This week my topic is a changed body part:
    This Haiku Has Legs

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