Prompt & Link: “Empowered”

9:00 AM Friday morning, February 29th, 2008, on the U.S. west coast, is quickly approaching — so… here I am with a new Prompt!

This week’s, and the twenty fourth Writer’s Island prompt is: “Empowered”.

As always, I don’t want to unduly influence your interpretation of this week’s prompt. Simply reflect on “Empowered” — then please share with us what that inspires in you. Move us with your words!

••> This week, for our second bit of inspiration, we turn to the new movie release, The Other Boleyn Girl, as the source of our second ever ‘Matinee Muse’ prompt — and the prompt it inspires is: “Rivalry”. See if that sparks anything for you.


As I wrote last week regarding this ‘extra’ weekly prompt; if we respond to these ‘Matinee Muse’ prompts — they may become a regular weekly offering. <••

Feel free to use either, or both, of this week’s prompts — or use neither if you so choose. Whatever moves your soul this week is what we all want to read.

So, create your poem, prose, short story, essay, commentary, or whatever — and post it on your blog. Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

When you have finished your piece, please return here to this post and place your link to your work as a comment — and as you know, just the link, not the piece.

Please realize there is no need to rush, this post will be open to receive your links for the entire week, leading up to the next prompt.

May you this week, and every week, find your muse most empowering! We can’t wait to see what you write…


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68 responses to “Prompt & Link: “Empowered”

  1. pri

    sometimes in life, we need a few setbacks to make us stronger…to empower us…to help us go on strong and steady!
    here is my contribution to the prompt ’empowered’ 🙂

    take care, one and all!

  2. With my mind which has gone blank, I manage to write for empowering.

    If it was only that easy?

    Click here

  3. UL

    Here’s mine…I will probably do one more this week, but for now please check me out below –

  4. One of my favorite words…empowerment. This post is about the empowerment we give ourselves through the usage of words:

    Empowering Through Words

  5. Here’s my empowered-humourous post…hoping to take up the other prompt later! I love having two prompts!

  6. Here’s one. I’m going to do another for Monday’s Poetry Train, so stay tuned.

  7. A short story called “Sun Glare” not directly prompted by the words, but look deeper.

  8. A sudden burst of thought and I combined the two prompts of “Empowered” and “Rivalry”. Hope you enjoy!

    Smiles and Light

  9. Rivalry

    Who knows what evil…


  10. cricket51

    Social Influences: the doom of empowerment

    I hope you enjoy this slice out of my life at


    I don’t have a freakin’ clue where this little piece came from……….it is what it is. 🙂

    enjoy your weekend folks!

  12. Paris Parfait

    I wrote a poem about this ages ago; today it was in the news again, which inspired this poem to fit the prompt.

  13. Rivalry – empowered vs. impaired. #8

  14. i have been waging war with myself this week… so this is the best i could come up with….

    inner rivalry

  15. Thanks for the prompt! Here’s mine…

    Once over the Rubicon

  16. You’ve got me feeling VERY empowered ( I’m just hoping this empowered feeling will last till monday morning) :/

  17. Thanks for empowering me to write this: Empowered Haiku.

  18. reincarnatedart


    I felt motivated to respond to this prompt. And, agree that sometimes when life throws you a curve ball, … the most beautiful things come out of what you do next.

  19. Hello Islanders!

    Well, you know what? I have a story to tell you. And this is my story. Please visit my web nook to see how an unusual rivalry empowered me to Taking Form

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  20. I’ve produced a dollop of rivalry with a droplet of empowerment mixed in for good measure!

  21. Some of you may have seen this before, but it seems relevant to the “empowerment” prompt…

    and what is power

  22. While walking along the story called marraige…these lines just came up and thought it was apt for this prompt..check it here

  23. Time for this week’s Matinee Muse prompt, I think. Let’s inject a bit of rivalry into the proceedings 🙂

  24. Of the two, I chose “Rivalry”

    my poem

  25. Hello,

    This is my first “Prompt and Link”. I promised Rob Kistner, so here it is!!!

  26. Mine is called Catching Fire and is about my writing teacher in college, who empowered me to keep writing.
    Catching Fire

  27. My rivalry post is up.

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