Prompt & Link:”Spellbound”

9:00 AM Friday morning, March 14th, 2008, on the U.S. west coast, is quickly approaching — so… here I am with a new Prompt! This week’s, and the twenty sixth Writer’s Island prompt is: “Spellbound”.

As always, I don’t want to sway your take on this week’s prompt. What inner chord might “Spellbound” strike? Please share with us what resonates for you!

••> This week we turn to the new movie release, Sleepwalking, as the source of our fourth Matinee Muse prompt — “Awakening”. See if that stirs your creative juices.


The Matinee Muse prompts are now a regular weekly offering. So please enjoy! <••

Feel free to use either, or both, of this week’s prompts — or use neither if you so choose. Whatever moves your soul this week is what we all want to read.

So, create your poem, prose, short story, essay, commentary, or whatever — and post it on your blog. Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

When you have finished your piece, please return here to this post and place your link to your work as a comment — and as you know, just the link, not the piece.

Please realize there is no need to rush, this post will be open to receive your links for the entire week, leading up to the next prompt.

May your muse, this week and every week, fully awaken the writer in you! We can’t wait to see what you write…


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64 responses to “Prompt & Link:”Spellbound”

  1. Have you ever been held spellbound by fish? I have, especially those with pretty colors that swim within coral reefs…. 🙂

    One from the archives that certainly fits (and funny and true). In the meantime, I will begin working the mouse upstairs for a new one….

    A Trip to the Aquarium

  2. Two old ones while I work on a new one. Both feature Pam.

    First one.

    Second one.

    Definite new stuff, too, this week. Stay tuned!

  3. A short short story today, folks. Enjoy.


  4. “Awakening”. I wrote this the day my grandfather passed away.

    Nov 26, 2007

  5. Can one be spellbound in such a case?

    Find it out:
    dried piece of toast

  6. The Greek myth-makers had a great need to understand and explain, and so gave flesh and blood, (or at least “ichor,”) to the phenomena surrounding them.

    Combining prompts from Cafe Writing and “Awakening: from our own Island:
    early spring

  7. Hmmm. sorry. Did something wrong there. Let’s try again:

    early spring

  8. I was inspired by both prompts, although it went in an unexpected direction:


  9. Here we are…would be somewhat of a stretch to fit into the category of spellbound or awakening (though not impossible), but worth sharing all the same.

    god face-to-face

  10. There is nothing more spellbinding than love and no better understanding of the strength of that spell than when it is lost: Alliterative Loss

  11. Hi – found you through some other folks that I see here, and couldn’t resist. I chose “Spellbound”.

  12. greyscaleterritory

    Here is my response to Awakening. I think I’m on a roll today!

  13. rel

    Good morning islanders,
    I’m way early with my submission. It’s my first and perhaps only political post in nearly 2 years of blogging. But Rob picked the prompt and I woke up Spellbound and my hand raced to the page before coffee to have it’s way.
    I’ll warn you here that it may well be my longest piece (663) words. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  14. Here’s mine for the week

    P.S I would like to thank all the islanders for the support you guys gave me last week.. thank you people

  15. What a great idea! I will be back next week to participate in your writing prompt project.

    I have added you to my blogroll. Hope you will stop by to visit my poetry blog soon:


  16. Hello
    I was reminded of a spellbinding article about the mind reading through words that had their spellings jumbled up !!
    Read the poem about spellings and how their letters are bound..

  17. May you find time to view and enjoy the raptures of colors of life…

    May you find bliss in the spellbinding Transitions

    And reach a certain awakening.

    For life is a series of dapartures and arrivals.

    What have we done in between?

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  18. Spellbound. I am.

    Thanks for the prompt!

  19. Spellbound over the awakening here

  20. For the prompt “Awakening” I submit a poem I had posted only a couple of days earlier , about our harried present day lifestyle …

  21. We were spellbound as we watched history unfold before our eyes.


  22. To all my friends who visit my blog I just want to say thanks for the continuing visits. I have been sick but I am better now and Awakened is up.

  23. Paris Parfait

    Very late to the party, Rob – but I did finally get here!

  24. I had no ideas until BAM , I was spellbound just yesterday!

  25. My Spellbound, complete with photos is here.

  26. Hi there. I’m going to be posting a blogroll of writing prompt sites on my blogs and was wondering if you minded if I added you to my list.

    Jane Doe

  27. I am very late. Will be visiting you all tomorrow to read your wonderful stories.

  28. I am back after a few weeks away from the Island. I chose to do both: htpp://

  29. Hmm…that last link didn’t work and I signed in with my other blog…if this one doesn’t work, clicking my name will now take you to the right blog.

  30. As always, late but here is mine.

    my poem

    Good prompt.


  31. Better late than never – Spring.

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