Prompt & Link: “Triumph”

9:00 AM Friday morning, April 18th 2008, on the U.S. West Coast, is quickly approaching — so… here I am with a new Prompt! This week’s, and the thirty-first Writer’s Island prompt is: “Triumph”.

That word conjures some powerful impressions for me, but I never want to influence your take on this week’s prompt. How does “Triumph” empower your imagination? Please share with us where this prompt carries you!

••> This week we turn to the new movie release, The Life Before Her Eyes, as the source of our ninth Matinee Muse prompt — “Survivor”. See what inspiration is sparked by this one — dark or light.

The Matinee Muse prompts are now a regular weekly offering. So please enjoy! <••

Feel free to use either, or both, of this week’s prompts — or use neither if you so choose. Whatever moves your soul this week is what we all want to read.

So, create your poem, prose, short story, essay, commentary, or whatever — and post it on your blog. Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

When you have finished your piece, please return here to this post and place your link to your work as a comment — and as you know, just the link, not the piece.

Please realize there is no need to rush, this post will be open to receive your links for the entire week, leading up to the next prompt.

May your muse, this week and every week, come to your rescue, so you write your best — write from your heart! We can’t wait to see what you have for us…



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76 responses to “Prompt & Link: “Triumph”

  1. The bitter anguish of surviving the death of love. To Remain

    P.S. — I have completely remodeled my original “Image & Verse” site. That is where I’ve posted this piece.

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  3. I had an old one for Survivor (warning, it is a bit of a longish one)

  4. Combining the two prompts Triumph and Survivor as an ode to a wonderful woman in my life is this one:

  5. My take! Thats a nice prompt there Rob, it made me think and delve into everyday lives of people. Each day is a triumph for most!

  6. well a triumph and survival of sort… one year in Thailand 🙂

    celebration during the SOngkran (New Year)

  7. Here is a kind of different idea of survival.

    The Living Mirror


  8. I have one I had written earlier ..but I think it has a “TRIUMPHANT” spirit 🙂

  9. Good morning Rob and Islanders. I posted a piece which does not follow either prompt, but which my Muse wanted posted. I do like both prompts though, maybe I’ll write something about Survivor later.

  10. The poem’s old, the image is new. It’s kind of a non-survivor.

    Drowned Sailor

  11. This is an older poem. I used the survivor prompt.

    the keyhole


  12. Dear Hearts and Gentle Islanders,

    i was reading a story in the New Yorker this morning about a fellow who had been trapped in an elevator. He now avoids them, not because he’s afraid of dying but because he’s “afraid of being left alone with my own mind.” That, and the “survival” prompt gave me: e-SURVIVOR

  13. For the innocents just barely surviving: #14


    I did both this week – a rarity for me, but they came so easily! 😀

    Thank you!

  15. Triumph is a very difficult word to work with, so I’ve taken the liberty of adding an ‘ant’ at the end! I hope my piece is sufficiently triumphant!

  16. Here is my contribution to the Matinee Muse, Survivor.


  17. Good Day Islanders!

    Here’s a Haiku collection from a survivor’s heart that triumph reaping his Sweet Rewards

    “Success is never ending, failure is never final”
    (I forgot the author of the book)

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  18. I didn’t feel the inspiration to participate in this particular prompt but I am enjoying reading all of your stories and poems.

    Today, we had an unexpected snow/rain fall so I went with that for my muse.

    A fine and diverse take on “triumph”. Well done. G

  19. this might not be the most enjoyable read on the list,, but it is a form poem i worked very hard on none the less…

    triumphant hour

  20. Well, I’m a little earlier this time!
    Here’s a little haiku which was triumph in itself.
    Check it out at:

  21. It’s a ‘triumph’ I wrote this almost on time this week.
    Great prompt.

  22. The above doesn’t seem to work so I’ll try again as i must have left something out.


  23. Here’s my take on both triumph and survivor.. I call it
    A cold shower

  24. This is m first time on writers island! I recognize some fellow writers from 3WW and Sunday Scribblings – hey there! I wanted to post a piece I wrote earlier this week that I really care about, it’s entitled

    Petrified Wood —

    And in an eerie way I think this piece works for the Survivor prompt! I’m excited about joining writers island because the flexibility, prompts and motivators are tantalizing!

  25. Happy Sunday everyone. I posted a picture and a poem written by two of my others, Little Brian and Sable. They wanted to show what it’s like being a Survivor.

  26. Hello everyone!

    Here is my contribution for the week :-

    have a good weekend everyone!

  27. writersisland

    Vintage memories. Triumph

  28. Two differing points of view regarding the survival of humankind.

    Contrasting Perspective

  29. Moving toward the triumph of forgiveness.


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  31. Mine is a Luc-Bat poem, a form I just learned about on Poefusion. Here’s the link:

    How I triumphed over Harlequin Death

  32. a personal reflection on triumph and the will to survive: The Triumph of the Human Spirit

  33. Only recently (well, somewhat) have I written about being a survior of breast cancer. One piece is autobiographical, the other a work of fiction. I will leave both links as each touches on “triumph” and “survival”:

    Eye of the Beholder

  34. Only recently (well, somewhat) have I written about being a survior of breast cancer. One piece is autobiographical, the other a work of fiction. I will leave both links as each touches on “triumph” and “survival”:

    The Future is Now

  35. I combined both prompts in a short poem, Survivor, Of

  36. Not exactly fitted to the prompt this time, but please drop by ANYWAY! Happy Earth Day!

    Earth Day

  37. It sort of fits under the survival umbrella — and it celebrates Earth Day. Remarkable how a day, once considered a bit ethereal, suddenly has great meaning!

    Earth Day ’08

  38. I would like to share with you the second of two poems that speak of a 39 year old young mother who suffered from brain tumor . (a real life incident)

  39. This is an old one… But I really enjoyed reading it . its about ‘triumph’ titled ‘When man becomes God….

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