Final Prompts: “Farewell, Gratitude, Celebration”

Greetings Islanders,

After much soul searching for quite some time, I find myself at this truly difficult, but inescapable decision — I am discontinuing the Writer’s Island writing prompts, as well as the Matinée Muse writing prompts. I don’t know if this will be forever, only time and circumstance will decide that. Please know, should I ever resume the Island’s writing prompt services again, all of you who have participated will be promptly notified.

I have poured myself into, and thoroughly enjoyed conjuring up these prompts — seeing all of you come to the Island to write, to share… to participate in this community. But demands on my time, from many directions, are ever-increasing. Continuing to properly and effectively offer the weekly prompts has sadly, just become to much for me to do.

I’ve come to realize the time I invest creating and maintaining the Island’s writing prompts — along with moderating, numerous times each day, the link posts, sorting the spam from the legitimate posts that get trapped in Akismet, and correcting the legitimate links that are often mis-posted… this is all beginning to consume the limited time I have available for my personal writing and art. I feel the output and the quality level of my work are both beginning to suffer — becoming inconsistent.

My first loves, following my wife and children, are my writing and my art — these are my passions, they are my joy. I started Writer’s Island, spur of the moment last year, because we were losing Poetry Thursday — and I wanted to provide a temporary place for that particular community of writers to continue to come together, and share their work.

After a tremendous start, weekly participation in the Island’s prompts has now begun to decline. There are currently a plethora of sites, of varying quality, that provide a variety of writing prompts — so the former Poetry Thursday community has numerous places to be inspired and to share.

I desire to return to simply being a writer and artist. This experience has been wonderful, and it will be a sustaining memory for me. Thank you to all who enjoined their creative spirits to breath life into our Island prompts.

In the spirit of nostalgia, I offer three final writing prompts. This post, with these three prompts, will remain open all summer, along with the comments section, for you to post as many links as you wish. These final three prompts are from my heart: • “Farewell”“Gratitude”“Celebration”

May your seas be ever calm, and the wind always at your back. Peace!






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54 responses to “Final Prompts: “Farewell, Gratitude, Celebration”

  1. Many thanks Rob for your support. I look forward to catching up again…….Steve

  2. Rob~

    It is thanks to you that my blogging world opened. By chance, you found my blog, posted a wonderful comment about my poetry, then invited me to Writer’s Island. This was where I discovered the world of prompts. Since then, I have explored others, but have always posted regularly to Writer’s Island, my first “home”.

    Lately, armed with my digital camera, my writing is finding new worlds. But it all really began with you, giving me confidence to get my writing known! For that, I cannot thank you enough.

    So. I wish you eternal happiness in your creative world. It is a very important sanctuary.


  3. first allow me to say thanks to this site. i have gain friends here.

    im a bit surprised with this final prompt but as they said, if one door closes, another one opens.

    im off for a new job starting tomorrow and i guess i would like to share it as my final entry too.

    thanks for this site

  4. I meant to add another strange connection. 4th July is my Blogoversary! I have been blogging for exactly one year. I guess that means my new year blogging will indeed travel in new directions without Writer’s Island. The great unknown lies ahead! Who knows! Maybe someone will snap up my poetry and pics at last and I can live my life just writing! What a great dream! But it’s worth dreaming!

  5. Whatever you do, Rob, I wish you the best of luck. Writers’ Island has been great, and it will always be appreciated. But pastures new beckon, and you must follow your desires.
    Many thanks for the service you have provided here.

  6. I have now dedicated my Blogoversary celebration post to Writer’s Island.

    Celebrating my 1st Blogoversary
    Best wishes

  7. rel

    It’s been a pleasure, my blogger friend, to have made your acquaintance. If I recall correctly (I’ve been mistaken before) we first met over a “Paris Parfait”,and followed each other over to Shamus’ Lion Pride to try our collective hand at a novel (I, as I’m sure you did, had great expectations, at first, for that unfinished, as yet, story, and of course how can I forget clinking glasses and rubbing elbows on Poetry Thursday.
    You are a very talented man and I feel blessed to have encountered you along life’s highway. Thanks!
    After all is said and done the blog world is really etheral for the most part. Occassionally we meet a fellow blogger face to face and cement a relationship, or not. But life being what it is and people being who they are; we all move on, sooner or later.
    It’s been a hoot. Someday perhaps we’ll shake hands ..flesh to flesh.
    Fare well my friend,

  8. Thank you Rob for providing this site for the numerous writers, poets and dreamers who have washed up on the shore once a week. You have our deepest gratitude for all the hard work and craft you utilized in making the Island hum. There is no angst on our part, simply good wishes and understanding in your decision.

  9. I love that you said your wife and children are your poetry! Yes! Spending time with them and writing are the most important things. Thanks for inviting me here; I’ve enjoyed myself.

  10. An Announcement:Therefore in honor of the Writers Island, Rob’s service to the community of bloggers who would rather write than fight and in celebration and gratitude to bidding a fond farewell to the Island, I hereby hold the flag high and offer a new writer’s prompt.

    What I want all of you to write about this weekend is something good. I know it’s easy to look around and see all the evil deeds in the world and all the suffering, but as a dear friend tells me all the time, there is much more good in the world than there is bad.

    So write about something, someone, someplace that represents Good in your life.

    If you decide to participate in the prompt at my blog, please go to this page and leave your permalink about ‘Good’.

  11. You’ve created a remarkable place here, Rob, and I understand how much time it takes. If Read Write Poem weren’t a collaborative effort (and already set up by an amazingly creative person), I couldn’t have lasted a month, much less seven months (has it only been that little time?!)

    The hours to create and maintain this site can’t be overstated (ginormous comes to mind)…so it is wonderful that you are refocusing your energies on your first loves.

    I’m glad you have been and are part of the community of blogging-poets. My best to you, and see you around the poetry blogging world.

  12. You’ll find mine in this post, including a little tribute:

    Tony On Church, Farewell & More


  13. Thanks Rob and I’ll keep “Get Down Dewy” open for all those that want refreshments. I’m posting my query letter to an agent that I am sending off next week for my book that will be published. That’s worth a celebration.



  14. Rob, You’ve been amazing and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at the island. Thank you for the time and effort you’ve provided and I understand how life is like that. Enjoy your summer and continue to make wise decisions, it shows what kind of man you truly are!
    Lots of e-hugs,

  15. Rob, my life will change from today. I cannot express how grateful I am to you. You challenged me, you made me think and urged me on to create.Thank you.

  16. Best wishes, Rob, this site has been an international zone of good will. Any time you’d like to visit sunny Seattle, drop me a line, I’d be glad to put you up.

  17. Rob:

    I’m disappointed because I have enjoyed coming here to find inspiration, but completely understand your decision. I look forward to seeing the redesigned/reconceptualized site in the fall.

    Coincidentally, I launched a writing prompt site myself just a few weeks ago.

    So I invite all writers to stop by and participate in “A Thousand Words” found at

  18. Rob,

    It is sad coming to the island today and learning that the sun is setting in this haven that has become a regular and rich source of inspiration for me. It will no longer have the usual sunshine that lights my writing as twilight engulfs its sunny days into a long dark night. There’s always that feeling of certain sadness in watching the sunset, and that is how I feel now watching the horizon in the writers island: my refuge.

    I will be forever grateful to you, Rob, for taking me by the hand, guiding and bringing me to this island of your creative mind. I was like a paper boat then in the middle of an enormous ocean with the tides tossing me to uncertain directions and I I was beginning to sink. The warm sun of the island and kindred souls I’ve met here dried that paper boat that became the many pages of my writing outputs.

    You have unknowingly done a heroic act for me, Rob you’re like my writing life raft. You have saved my last paper that produces me many pages to write. And for that I am forever grateful.

    As I look straight now watching the sunset in the horizon, I am reaching a certain understanding that this time of day, the dusk, should not always be sad. For it, too, is a moment of reflections, to look back, celebrate and hold in my heart the memories ~ they are part of my life’s pages forever.

    Night time is when we dream, I wish the islanders wonderful dreams! And when the sun would rise again in the island may we all gather here to share them.

    Thank you, Rob. Just always remember that there’s always a voice of a little child whispering prayers for you.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  19. Good luck with all your pursuits Rob! Thanks for all your hard work at WI and the inspiration that so many of us have found here. Take care, happy trails and farewell for now, Geraldine

  20. Rob,

    I felt sad.. when i read your post… I have not been here for a long time…but certainly enjoyed every “week” of it… 🙂

    this is for you and Writer’s Island…

    Best Wishes and good luck!


  21. We’ll all miss coming to the Island – thanks for this place and a the forum you provided. Enjoy your own expanded writing time!

  22. Hi Rob, Many thanks for Writers Island, I for one am very glad that I came ashore. I look forward to your return on September 22nd. Until then, bon voyage..

  23. Thank you Rob, for all of it. You and everyone here have touched my heart.

  24. Back one last time, since I’ve just realized that a little post I dashed off a few moments ago unintentionally answers the prompt. It appears that these island breezes have penetrated my subconscious. A sure sign of the peaceful haven you created and shared with us all here.

    Paper Flower in Painted Pot

  25. Another one just cos it’s the last one….for this place at least……….. Sigh!

    Kind of make ya wish we never got found aye?

    Why couldn’t we have been on Gilligan’s Island That lasted longer……………

  26. I wondered how you did it all. I can well understand your feelings of wanting to continue and yet not want your work to suffer. Very understandable, but it will be missed.

  27. I came here after my vacation, eager to participate and i see this…Thanks for such a wonderful platform and all the new people i met here…I look forward to September…Good luck!!

  28. Hi Rob,
    I’m happy you were able to reconsider and have decided to start up again in Sep’t. If you change your mind and feel you really truly can’t, I know all these wonderful people whose comments I just read will be very understanding and continue being grateful for what you have given us for this long. You are an amazingly talented writer and Your wife and kids are so lucky that you are a devoted family man too! I’ve really loved participating in your great writing prompts and will miss the island over the summer.
    Thanks so much for gathering so many nice people onto one groovy island. ♥

  29. aaw… however I look forward to September!!

  30. I am so saddened of the decision to close down writers island but hope that in the future it will open again. I have met lots of great people and hope that they will continue to visit my blog. I have to apologize for the fact that my blog jadey’s in the house was closed due to an error that I could not fix so here is my new link and I hope to make this as exciting.
    formerly So please stop in nothing much up right now I am still on vacation. Enjoy

  31. Rob, thank you so much for all of the wonderful prompts. I have enjoyed participating and am in the process of developing two of the short stories I wrote as a result of your prompts into fully-fledged novels. I wish you all the best with your writing and your art. Take care.

  32. it is sad to see you go. you have become family to us and for many, you were our first introduction to the world of prompts. but, in any event, i understand well where your heart is at…foremost your personal writing, your art, your family. but thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and providing this wonderful forum for us to become creative. best, rebecca bush.

    for “farewell” Three Feathers Fall a Heart

  33. Rob, I have enjoyed finding my own muse through the prompts you have offered up and I thank you. Like you, I seem to be stretched in many different directions and havent been writing and creating as much as I had been………and want to get back on track. Perhaps a summer of sitting by a river or interacting in a couple of other pursuits will help….it’s what summer is for I think……autumn and winter is when the harvest happens and is enjoyed.

    take care……….thank you, thank you…..I will think about the prompts you have left here and let them simmer……..


  34. Wanted to remind everyone that every Friday I will continue the writers prompts at my blog with two prompts for the Rockin’ Chair Writers. They will not be word prompts but questions designed to create the feel of sitting on a porch swapping tales.

    If you decide to participate in the prompt at my blog, please go to this page for the current prompt and more details in the comment thread about this weeks prompts.

    Thank you and hope to see y’all soon.

  35. Thanks Rob! Like you summer finds me buy, so i apologize if i’m one of the ebbing authors – Summer is so busy! I’ve really enjoyed all your prompts for both poetry and prose, and look forward to searching you archives for more musing.

    Today I took the prompt “farewell”, but plan to do the others as well. 🙂

    Have a GREAT summer!!!

    Se La Vie

  36. Katie

    Rob, thanks for your hard work, the unselfish gift of your time, and the thought-provoking prompts.

    Wishing you the best, and a renewal of your inner resources as you look for balance in life, art, and everything else!

  37. here’s mine last writers island piece

    thanks Rob for your time and dedication this writers place, will be back to see the grand opening of writers island

  38. Farewell, Gratitude

    And sadly, farewell and gratitude to Writers Island

  39. Thank you for everything Rob!!!!!

    Holydays or breaks are very important in life. Refresh us and give us energy to do new things, so enjoy your time! and thanks again!

  40. I feel as though I’ve missed the boat totally. I always mean to get here and access the wonderful prompts that you have provided Rob … and now I discover that I am too late.

    Best of luck with a slightly downsized life – more time for family, writing and art is always a good thing.

    For anyone looking for a new weekly writing prompt for short stories … I started one about two months ago linking music and writing. For anyone who is interested the link is Prompt goes up on a Monday.

    Best wishes Rob

  41. It looks like I missed the boat to the Island. I’ve been trying to make it here to participate in the prompts, but life has a way of getting in the way and I haven’t been able to get here to utilise the wonderful prompts you have been putting up Rob. I know my friend Danae wrote some of her beautiful Hava stories last year from the prompts that you so graciously shared here.

    Perhaps if the Island is open for business again, I’ll make sure I have my ticket early. You have shown that writers in themselves don’t need to be an island – but a thriving and dedicated community.

    I began a writing prompt two months ago, using music as the prompt. If any islanders lost in transit, would like to participate they are most welcome … it’s been a bit quiet.

    Good luck Rob and I hope that downsizing allows you more time for the things you love, your family, your writing and art.

    Monday’s Musical Musings can be found here


    Thanks everyone for participating in the Rockin’ Chair Writers prompts.

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