I’m pleased to be publishing again

Hello all…

This is my “official” inaugural post on Writer’s Island Journals. I am pleased to be publishing again, and honored you have chosen to visit my new site. I will, for the time being, retain writersisland.wordpress.com as the internet address for Writer’s Island Journals.

WIJ will be published weekly, each Wednesday at 12:01 AM, U.S. Pacific Coast Time.

Each publication will reflect my residing state of mind, as it may have been impacted by personal, local, regional, national, and international events – both current and past. Each publication may include editorial, pictorial, topical, philosophical, and/or contemporary cultural features.

Each publication will also include a prompt called a “Creative Catalyst” to which you are invited to respond in any form of creative expression you wish.

You are always invited to comment freely on any and all articles/posts which are published in Writer’s Island Journals.

I foresee WIJ consistently evolving as it progresses, so stay in touch and see what unfolds.

So until next Wednesday, farewell from the island — and may your seas be ever calm, and the wind always at your back.






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6 responses to “I’m pleased to be publishing again

  1. Hello Rob!

    ‘Tis great to hear from you again. I’m one of the islanders who anxiously awaits and anticipate an exciting return to the writer’s island. I decide not to join any weekly prompts for awhile, my heart only belongs to writer’s island.

    I will be coming back on wednesday for the first creative catalyst and once again allow my thoughts to travel to places – familiar and new – wherever the island directs us in our weekly writing journals.

    With much anticipation.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  2. Wonderful to find you here again Rob!

    May you have found new wings of creativity in your time away from the island!

  3. Looking forward to next Wednesday!

  4. UL

    ah tonight is the big night, look forward to your first journal entry..

  5. Rob! You’re back! So glad I popped over to see how you were. Missed the island, but have enjoyed reading your stuff elsewhere. 🙂

  6. pri

    i could never really attach myself to any other prompt site as much as i had to ‘writers island’…not even to cinemagic prompts 🙂
    eagerly waiting for you to be back with those sparks of creativity….

    cheers to writers island!
    waiting in anticipation….

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