A few book ideas

• James Patterson, is best known for fast-paced suspense novels. He is the creator of a couple of my favorite fictional characters — Alex Cross and Lindsay Boxer. This time out he tackles a true story in “Against Medical Advice”. In this book, Patterson tells about Cory Friedman’s battle with Tourette’s Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive disorder from the age of five, and the struggles his family faced as they went from specialist to specialist.

• At 49, cartoonist Marian Henley hasn’t committed to marrying the man with whom she has been dating for seven years. But as the Big 5-0 looms, she realizes that above all else she wants a child. Her story follows the heartbreaking ups and downs of going through the international adoption process; deciding when it’s time to grow up and maybe even get married; and in the end, it’s the story of a daughter’s relationship with her father, and how becoming a mother finally led her to understand him. “The Shiniest Jewel” is a warm narrative, accompanied by Marian’s winsome drawings, that weaves together her realizations about the joy, and sometimes heartbreak, of building a family.

• If you want to fall into a fascinating, edgy, fun, mature, escapist bit of reading, then you might find the new book by National Public Radio foreign correspondent, Eric Weiner much to your liking. Eric has spent much of his career traveling to some of the world’s least happy places — Iraq and Afghanistan among them. It bummed him out so that it sparked this, his first book. The title says it all: “The Geography of Bliss – One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World”.


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  1. Wow, all three of these books sound good! I just finished a couple of Patterson’s books and his writing never fails to entertain me.

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