Empowered women

A friend of mine has launched a business website entitled The 7% Factor. I was struck by the power of her undertaking, and its timeliness. I wanted to share Monica Dashwood’s vision with you.

At a time when not one, but two significant women have finally surfaced as serious contenders for the top two positions of leadership in our country, I feel it is time to look deeply into the mindset of our society with regard to our opinion of an actualized female.

I have a daughter who is a professional in the financial marketplace, and my wife is an artist, and a working professional as well — a degreed space planner and visual merchandiser. While I’m certainly not able to live their experiences, I can most definitely observe, and be moved by them — and the struggle they endure to achieve parity, and respect in their respective worlds.

The same subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle prejudice impacts women in politics and in everyday aspects of life. While we have passed the time when women could not vote, or be considered seriously when applying for loans or credit — there are still unspoken perceptions of what is and is not appropriate for a women to consider.

I invite you, man and woman, to visit http://www.the7percentfactor.com and be aware of what I feel is a wonderful, and regrettably, a most necessary outreach to today’s woman.

I will close this post with a pair of quotes. The first is from Monica, the second is from Eleanor Roosevelt.

“I believe women are at a social tipping point on how they see themselves and how others see them in the working world and in society.” – Monica L. Dashwood, Founder and CEO of The 7% Factor

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt



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3 responses to “Empowered women

  1. I’m all for empowerment and parity but I didn’t like what happened in my country after we had Margaret Thatcher as prime minister. Maggie, it was jokingly said, was more of a man than the men. After the seventies, we saw women aping men rather than showing a different, a feminine way of doing things. I’m probably old fashioned, and I’m not even an ultra feminine woman, but I abhor the beer swilling ladettes who get drunk in our cities on a Saturday night.

  2. You know, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this subject. Just what is it that “empowers” a woman anyway, and must we loose femininity along the way? I think no, but still looking for the answers.

    I’ll have to go check her out. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  3. One viewing of Desperate Housewives ought to cancel those 2 nice quotes. Men may write, direct and own the show, but it’s the women acting like idiots. For a price.

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