That’s simply ridiculous

• Three women were arrested in Lansing, Michigan, after they smeared their naked bodies with mustard and hijacked a UPS truck.

• Airline policy is being reviewed after a Filipino passenger on a flight from Dubai to Manila was left for three hours after dying in his seat.

• A Miami Beach attorney maintained that the position of the stars at the time of his client’s birth caused him to break into a couple’s home, tie them up and threaten them, and walk out with a brassiere on his head.

• There’s also a bra bandit on the loose in southwest Florida. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office was searching for an individual they say stole 160 bras valued at nearly $6,000 on Thursday from a Victoria’s Secret store. Now that’s a hold up.

• An Australian judge recently declared that a young boy who was slashed with a samurai sword, struck on the head with a large rock, smothered with his jacket, and finally strangled with a noose while being assaulted, “could have suffered a far worse fate.”


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One response to “That’s simply ridiculous

  1. Some of these are really terrible and yet this statement,

    “Now that’s a hold up.”

    made me laugh out loud!

    What are people THINKING?????

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