“Writer’s Island” prompt #2

Welcome! This is the Writer’s Island Journals second edition, and here is the 2nd WIJ “Writer’s Island” prompt: CONTROVERSIAL.

Please create whatever you are inspired to create, post it on your blog — then place a link to it here, in the comments section of this post.

NOTE: Below this “Writer’s Island” prompt you will find 4 additional new posts. I invite you to read them, and comment if you wish. Click on the title of any of the posts if you want to leave a comment. Hope you enjoy these posts, and thank you for visiting today.



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29 responses to ““Writer’s Island” prompt #2

  1. rel

    I was disinclined to place this post here, but since the prompt was CONTROVERSIAL, I thought it appropriate to toss bait to shark infested waters. 😉


  2. Hey Rob!

    thank you for the email. I will let the prompt simmer a bit today and be back!


  3. Duly bookmarked, nice to see you, and nice photo. Be back soon…

  4. Rob, welcome back it’s great to have writer’s island back onboard… will come back later… excellent first choice… can’t wait to see the posts…

  5. Rob, Glad to see Writers Island is back.
    This week I am going to re post something I wrote a few weeks back.
    In Wrong Hands
    Not very controversial I am sorry.. but something to think about.. especially in light of the racism talks reigning high in the elections this year!

  6. Rob and To the Islanders,

    Part of the series of articles I wrote for my new poetry corner A QUIET PLACE TO REST at laarnians.com , I wrote this open letter to a rising star, a Filipino Diva: Laarnie Losala. She is the same muse I wrote about in the article I submitted last week for the maiden creative catalyst, empowered: The Fan.

    This week for the creative catalyst, let me share with you my controversial Open Letter To Laarnie

    I wish you all well.

    ~ Jeques

  7. ifiwererunningforpresident

    Hello, this seems perfect for my worst policy positions post. Very election-seasony. Enjoy.


  8. Hi Rob

    Thanks for your email – so glad you are back. I’ll put my thinking hat on and come back later.

  9. Thank you for the email reminding me of your blog. I have posted my controversial opinion at

  10. Good to see you are posting prompts again on a regular basis and thanks for the reminder. I’ve added your blog to my sidebar again. G

  11. Caught me by surprise a bit – I’ve been a bit behind on checking emails. Controversial…dunno… but something to read at least.


  12. Here is my ‘kind of controversial’ post:


    Love how the new site looks 🙂

  13. Hi Rob,
    ‘The Fourth Millennium’
    The story begins here;


  14. Lion Chiller

    thanks for remembering me- would soon begin my writings again!

  15. Polyamourousity! How controversial’s that?


    Thanks for the prompt Rob.

  16. Hope I’m not too late…
    Polyamourousity! How controversial’s that?


    Thanks for the prompt Rob.

  17. Hi Rob! Hi Islanders!
    thanks so much for emailing me Rob!
    Happy you’re back on the island,
    I will definitely float there soon!

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