You must be kidding…

THERE OTTA BE A LAW – A 38-year-old man was cited for disorderly conduct in Fond du Lac, Wis., after he bought a beer for his minor sons at the county fair. He could not be cited for providing alcohol to minors because, under Wisconsin law, parents are exempt, but he was written up for swearing at police when they questioned him. Incidentally, his sons were ages 2 an 4.

SIDE-ARMED SOCCER MOM – Meleanie Hain had her Pennsylvania concealed-weapons permit was revoked after spectators complained about her openly carrying her loaded, holstered Glock at her 5-year-old daughter’s soccer game. She speaks, the coach listens.

WELL, WE GOT POLE VAULTING – “I think one day it should be an Olympic sport,” said Jeannine Wikering, 26, who finished third while representing Germany in the European “pole-dancing” championship in Amsterdam.

HERE KITTY KITTY – Despite an increasing chorus of complaints, Peruvians celebrated the annual Gastronomic Festival of the Cat in a village just south of Lima, serving a variety of feline delicacies — fried cat strips, cat stew, and the big favorite… grilled ‘spicy’ cat.

INTERESTING RETURN POLICY – A Buddhist temple in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand, offers quickie “reincarnation” sessions in which people climb into “coffins,” “die” while a priest’s chants chase away the evil spirits of the old person, who is then “reborn” as someone different.

LOOK B4 YOU LEAP – Burglary suspect, running from police on San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill, jumped over a 3-foot wall, apparently not realizing that on the other side was a 200-foot drop. Oops! He didn’t make it.

NOT A GREAT ESCAPE – Portsmouth, N.H. Police said a man stopped at a sobriety checkpoint during the weekend, peeled out and sped away, almost hitting an officer — after he’d already handed over his license and registration


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