“Writer’s Island” prompt #8

Welcome! Here is the 8th WIJ “Writer’s Island” prompt: MEMORIES.

Tell us what it is you envision when you read this prompt. Please share whatever warm recollections today’s prompt stirs within you.

Create whatever you are inspired to create, post it on your blog — then place a link to it here, in the comments section of this post.

NOTE: Below this “Writer’s Island” prompt you will find 5 additional new posts — the first being this week’s ‘Matinée Muse’ prompt. I invite you to read all the posts, and please comment — if you wish. Click on the title of any of the posts if you want to leave a comment. I also especially invite you to participate in the ‘Matinée Muse’ prompt. Hope you enjoy these posts, and thank you for visiting today.



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17 responses to ““Writer’s Island” prompt #8

  1. i just happened to have taken a walk down memory lane myself this morning… here is a link to a poem i call,, tucked away…

  2. here is a memory about running:

  3. cricket51

    They say “there is no fool like an old fool.” I think this memory proves fools come in all ages as I was only 28 at the time.

  4. Here’s one for “Memories”. I hope the audio works; I don’t quite have all the bugs out yet.

    A Handful of Winter-Gold

  5. It’s a short story about memories titled ‘Descent from heavens’. I enjoyed writing it.

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