“Writer’s Island” prompt #9

Welcome! Here is the 9th WIJ “Writer’s Island” prompt: IF ONLY.

If only… I could see them one last time. If only… I had done things differently. If only… I could make them understand. If only… I was in charge. Tell us what it is you would do, change, say, etc. — ‘if only’. Please share whatever today’s prompt stirs within you.

Create whatever you are inspired to create, post it on your blog — then place a link to it here, in the comments section of this post.

NOTE: Below this “Writer’s Island” prompt you will find 5 additional new posts — the first being this week’s ‘Matinée Muse’ prompt. I invite you to read all the posts, and please comment — if you wish. Click on the title of any of the posts if you want to leave a comment. I also especially invite you to participate in the ‘Matinée Muse’ prompt.

Hope you enjoy these posts, and thank you for visiting today.


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19 responses to ““Writer’s Island” prompt #9

  1. It’s been quite a while since I’ve visited, it feels good to be back on the island. My muse has been too busy with other things lately.

    Here’s my take on “if only”.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

  2. Ah yes, those famous “If Onlys”



  3. I haven’t been here in awhile…your prompt allowed me to post a poem I just wrote yesterday. Thanks for the chance to participate~~

    If Only

  4. Something seasonal for “if only”: Winter Ring

  5. If Only…I hadn’t made all those mistakes…I never would have learned anything.
    Suits Matinee Muse also.


  6. Here’s mine for this week:
    The Sleepless Ones

    If only we could have a little more sunshine…

  7. Here is my response for this week!

    Sad Wisdom of Afterthought

    Have a happy, relaxing weekend!


    PS: On Sundays, you are welcome to post a link-comment at MEME EXPRESS – with your Sunday SIMPLY SNICKERS poetry entries. 😎

  9. Rob this was a good offer this week… well, they always are really.. acquainted

  10. Well, the last one worked. I am so stupid. Forgive me Rob for messing up your site.


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