“Writer’s Island” prompt #10


Welcome! For the 10th WIJ “Writer’s Island” prompt, share with us what comes to mind when you think of your: “MOST AMAZING EXPERIENCE”.

What it is that you will never, can never, forget?

Create whatever you are inspired to create, post it on your blog — then place a link to it here, in the comments section of this post.




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11 responses to ““Writer’s Island” prompt #10

  1. Pam

    Here is a poem inspired by a recent amazing experience:


  2. This is actually kind of appropriate for both the “amazing experience” and “behind the curtain” prompts: There You Are

  3. San

    took a lot for me to write this,


    cant wait to read the other posts.

  4. A continuation of this week’s earlier post…Prince of Darkness, Part Deux

  5. Writing is always amazing. No matter how many times you do it, it is always thrilling!

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