• WE’RE BACK!! •

Get your cool & breezy writing prompts here every Saturday

After a one (1) year hiatus, we are very happy to be back on Writer’s Island and pleased to announce that the first new writing prompt post will go up •right here• on Saturday, May 1st, 2010. If you are a returning Islander, glad to see you again. If this is your first time ashore — welcome! Writer’s Island is light and breezy, intended purely for the pleasure of the writer in the joy and spirit of writing, and beach-combing. 😉

We try to have humor, are topical from time to time, and occasionally do crazy things like the Matinee Muse prompts, based on current film releases. Feel free to visit and hang out as much or as little as you like. Everyone, of all levels of experience, is invited, so spread the word, and bring your friends… the bigger the beach party, the better… 😉



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34 responses to “• WE’RE BACK!! •

  1. A welcome return – Count me IN!

  2. I think you’ll find me there.

  3. so happy to find you back…. this is one of the first prompts that started the writing for me a few years back… im aboard….

  4. Good for you Rob! I’ve linked to here from my short RWP farewell update post.

  5. Will you accept me?

  6. angie

    wonderful news — count me in!


  7. ofheart

    So nice to find a second home with all of you! Wiggling my feet in the sand 🙂 I thank you Rob!

  8. You’ll be seeing me here!

  9. Sounds like fun. Looking forward in a Mad Day kind of way!

    “May Day” may be a good prompt for the Labor movement!

  10. P.S.

    If you are thinking of incorporating background music to this website, I recommend David Gilmour’s CD “On an Island.” There are some great instrumentals, but the whole CD is terrific!



  11. hi! is this where the conga line forms?

  12. In the words of Harry Belafonte, “Day-O- Daaaay-O, daylight come and me want to go home…” 🙂

  13. O this is such wonderful news! It is here that I began my writing connections! (Rob found me dabbling around in some whirlpool!) And so began a writing/blogging journey that sails home!

  14. This is indeed, good news.

  15. Hi Mark –

    Haven’t decided about music background or not for this return to Writer’s Island, but I do like Gilmore’s work — though I have not heard this one, so I’ll give it a listen…

    I’d really love to figure out a way to have the sound of surf and sea birds in the background — but not certain how to do that… 😉

  16. Great to see you back. I’ve had to move Carry On Tuesday to a new address. Hope to see you all there.


  17. It felt like sinking at the closure of RWP, Writer’s Island will haul me out. Count me in…

  18. nice. will check it out…

  19. Sounds great to me!

    Oh, and On an Island is a fantastic album. I especially love Red Sky at Night (he’s playing sax instead of guitar, but somehow you can still tell it’s him) and Smile, which is simply lovely.

  20. Hi Rob, can’t wait to re-visit the island, please can we have the ‘message in a bottle’ prompt again?

  21. vivienne blake

    Please may I come? Your picture is so tempting. I lived for two years in a tiny flat overlooking this beach (or one just like it). It’s odd, but I’ve written very little poetry about that magical time.

  22. Gilligan said he could get me to Writer’s Island, but I may not be able to leave. Hey, isn’t that Tom Hanks? 😉

  23. Thanks! I like the momentum – and new friends – I’ve gotten from RWP this past month. Looking forward to it.

  24. Sweet! I’m enjoying this new blogging prompt world I’ve stumbled upon! Count me in.

  25. Saying “hi”.
    have I mentioned that I am grateful not to be going cold turkey?

  26. Now THIS is an event! 🙂

  27. So there is life after RWP? Thank you for sharing your island!

  28. Ingeborg

    This sounds like fun…. will help with the daily RWP withdrawal pangs 🙂

  29. and this is an event in itself 😀

    Life’s Events

  30. Cool! Another writer’s prompt. I’ll be adding it to my blogrolls. 🙂

    • writersisland

      Welcome to the newly re-opened Writer’s Island Thomma. Nice to see you here! I have informed the portmaster that you are a welcomed member of our Island community; so from now on, your comment posts will be allowed on the beach immediately! Please enjoy the wonderful sun and breezes — we Islanders love to share, and are excited to learn what you have to say… 😉

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