Prompt #6 for 2010: Unforgettable

Welcome to week six (6) of the re-opening of Writer’s Island.

Remember, new prompt(s) every Saturday, and to make it easy this time around, when you feel what you’ve written is ready to be read by the other Islanders, just post your link right here in the comments section at the bottom of this post — no waiting, no looking for a different place to post your link. In addition, you can leave whatever expanded comment you wish as a part of your posted link. You can now also reply directly to any other comment.

β€’β€’> The sixth official re-opening prompt is: UNFORGETTABLE… What is it in your life, or the life of a friend or love one, that has written itself indelibly in your heart, on your soul, or in your mind . Tell us in your words (poem, prose, flash fiction) the why, who, what, where, when, or how regarding that which has proven to be most amazing in your life — whatever it is that moves you to write. Maybe it includes a visual response? It’s your thing — so do wha’cha wanna…

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi! Again, welcome to the the Island. Go have yourself a nice cool drink of choice, and let’s enjoy the freedom and beauty of the Island!!! πŸ˜‰



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61 responses to “Prompt #6 for 2010: Unforgettable

  1. Kia ora from New Zealand Thanks for offering a drink. I took a nice glas of red wine

    Here is my link

  2. Hmmm. I can’t get Nat King Cole out of my head! This could take a while – my memory’s going, don’t you know?

  3. An homage to the Wizard of Westwood — Words of the Wizard

    rest in peace John — you are unforgettable

  4. I’m slightly ahead of myself – this poem is for tomorrow:

  5. The biggest rush never fades for me. From the first time I took the stage at an outdoor cafe to the day I stepped from behind the curtains of Carnegie Hall to playing gospel at church, all the world’s a stage:

    • writersisland

      Very very cool Amy — what a fascinating musical journey you’ve had! πŸ˜‰

      I spent a couple decades+ as lead singer in a number of bands…

  6. no kidden the UNFORGETTABLE ….JOHN WOODEN……nice prompt Rob

  7. An image of a garish kimono etched indelibly on my mind, heart and soul:

    • writersisland

      Sounds fascinating Linda — kimono’s are beautiful, and very intriguing… πŸ˜‰

    • Linda….Love a woman in a hat. Nice profile pic.

    • Linda, left a comment on your blog, but it didn’t “take.” Just about my fascination with red in all its various forms… magenta, tangerine, fire-engine red, and the color of my rat-stabbin’ high heels, which is of course unsuitable for mentioning here! Love the “journey” in color of your beloved kimono. Hope to see it someday!
      Amy B.L. (Sharp Little Pencil)

  8. After Nat King Cole, this is what came to mind…

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    – Dina

  9. Just got to prompt #5…argh…I’m so behind, but here’s 5 anyhow:

    • writersisland

      There is no being behind because it is not a race. When you find the time, and you can enjoy your writing — then you are right where you should be. Glad you are here Robin, and thank you for sharing… πŸ˜‰

  10. I meant to write one, then forgot and did another, then remembered… So here are both:

    • writersisland

      So much to remember in this world we live in — I constantly forget things. Thank you for sharing Diane… πŸ˜‰

  11. Here’s mine – definitely an unforgettable experience, one I would not have missed for the world:

  12. I looked up and saw something “Unforgettable” and I wondered if it was you.

  13. b_y

    My memory is about a millimeter long. Not that much is unforgettable for me, so I sort of rolled with this one. like sisters

    • writersisland

      Uma, thank you… πŸ˜‰

      • Uma, I tried to comment on your very good poem in your blog, but your spam blocker prevented me from doing so. I had thought I copied the numbers correctly. I tried three times. No luck. Then it told me I must be a spammer and prevented from commenting, which (of course) is not true. Probably I will be forever banned from your blog..

  14. Late to the Island this week. Wistfully counting the days until I get to be here:

  15. tillybud

    Better late than never! Here’s my senryu on the prompt:

    Apologies that I didn’t get to comment on many of this week’s poems; I hope to catch up over the weekend.

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