Prompt #8 for 2010: Change

Welcome to week eight (8) of the re-opening of Writer’s Island.

Remember, new prompt(s) every Saturday, and to make it easy this time around, when you feel what you’ve written is ready to be read by the other Islanders, just post your link right here in the comments section at the bottom of this post — no waiting, no looking for a different place to post your link. In addition, you can leave whatever expanded comment you wish as a part of your posted link. You can now also reply directly to any other comment.

β€’β€’> The eighth official re-opening prompt is one inspired by the coming Solstice – winter in the southern hemisphere, summer in the northern hemisphere. The prompt is: CHANGE… What is it that comes to mind when you think of change — is it: the need for, the fear of, unexpected, welcomed, of season, of mind, of location, of career, of pace, of heart, of perspective, of look, of lover, of planes, of scenery, of attitude, the concept of, slow in coming, too quick, perhaps a particular kind, one wished for, or…? Tell us in your words (poem, prose, flash fiction) the who, what, where, when, why or how regarding a transition — whatever it is that moves you to write…

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi! As always, welcome to the the Island!!! πŸ˜‰



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88 responses to “Prompt #8 for 2010: Change

  1. Do we really need to change…? Or just find out who we really are…?

  2. Spoilt for choice! There have been far too many changes in my life…

  3. After a short break from writing. I am back.

    This prompt is great!

  4. On my short list of major life changes, I would include:

    career change, marriage, children arrive , children leave nest , death of one or more people close to you , divorce , illness / injury , loss of job or income , relocation , and retirement.

    This week introduced me to one of these great life changes – retirement.

  5. I’ve been working on this idea for a few days, but the prompt really helped me bring it together. Here is my take on the prompt of change.


  6. While walking the beach, pondering “change”, I decided to go a different route…I hope no one minds:

    – Dina

  7. In my quest to always change a certain area in my life Help! I Lost My Lungs at Zumba!”

    • writersisland

      Hi Keith, thanks for sharing on the Island, and everyone surf on over to COT and have a take on the latest prompt… πŸ˜‰

  8. Couldn’t resist one more on a different wavelength. One of many mental illness poems in my quivering quiver! Amy

  9. This prompt is certainly a great one to fire up the imagination!
    Here’s mine!

    Perfect Answers

  10. All this reading about change has led me to

    The Path of Change

  11. Well! First writing prompt here, and what I came up with was certaintly surprising (to me).

    Thank you!

  12. I am happy that Writer’s Island is back. Here is my first contribution
    One Day

  13. tillybud

    I have a reverse senryu; just squeezing it in before the new prompt.

    • writersisland

      Appreciate you sharing your reverse senryu Tilly — sounds like you are quite hip to the nature of senryu and haiku… πŸ˜‰

  14. Change
    Moving On
    Out Going Tide
    Incoming Tide
    Sailing On

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