Prompt #11 for 2010: Treasure

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••> The eleventh prompt for 2010 focuses on something of value. The prompt is: TREASURE… What treasure (physical or metaphysical) might you be looking for, or have found, or maybe lost? Perhaps tell us what you treasure most in life — treasured family member(s), treasured friend(s), treasured memory, treasured possession… you can see where I’m leading.

Maybe in the spirit of Indiana Jones, you take us on a breathtaking, pulse-pounding, imaginary (or real) treasure hunt! Tell us in your words (poem, prose, flash fiction, or…) the who, what, where, when, why or how regarding the precious — include any visual image you might want to incorporate.

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi! As always, welcome to the the Island!!! 😉



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63 responses to “Prompt #11 for 2010: Treasure

  1. Just saying ‘Hi’
    Oh… and I found this TREASURE buried on the beach…

  2. This piece started flitting into my mind the instant I read the prompt. I don’t write a lot of poetry but this one felt good.

  3. Found I had a lot to say about someone I’d never met….

    Thanks for getting me thinking once again!

    – Dina

  4. systematicweasel

    I thought about this for awhile. My treasure is something a little different. The Dying Art of Cartoons.

  5. My apologies. I have to drop and run to get ready for a family gathering. I will be back later, however, to read about all of these other treasures.

    A Mistake In Treasure


    • writersisland

      Welcome to Writer’s Island Theo D Dinkwell, and it’s a pleasure to see you on the beach — thank you for sharing… 😉

  6. I am flashing back to a piece I wrote just over 3 years ago, to celebrate what it is, next to my wife and children, I treasure most: Sacred

  7. I’m thinking up a new treasure poem, but meanwhile here are a few treasured memories.

  8. Spending a couple of weeks in my most treasured place on earth, Lake Tahoe.

    Thus, this:

  9. I am a tad bit slow, childlike and sentimental this week. So forgive my silly little poem but enjoy it for its heart. Can’t wait to read everyone’s take on treasure.

    It’s called Simplicity

  10. Ended up becoming part VII of an ekphrastic series I’ve been working on called “Like the Clay.” Feel free to read it from the beginning here, or jump right to the prompt response here.

  11. Right now I am on an island, my treasure island.

  12. About a box I made for my mom, which held her treasures… and then I found my own treasure within. Circular, this good fortune…

  13. Dee

    I’ve been on vacation in sunny Florida – time with family and mostly without internet. Great visit but wonderful to be home too 🙂


    I am thrilled to know your site,
    I have a post representing your community,
    please feel free to check it out!

  15. Visit broken sally to find out what is lost…


    here is my entry for the prompt, treasure.
    Thank you for reading!
    I will try to visit and comment for all entries.

  17. Mia

    This is the first time I’ve used a prompt from Writer’s Island 😉 Buried Treasure…


    Greetings, this is my first entry and wish to share with everyone, hope you will enjoy this 🙂

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