Prompt #14 for 2010: The Journey

Welcome to Writer’s Island.

New prompt(s) are posted every Saturday. Consider the prompt in depth, then let inspiration carry you. When you feel what you’ve written is ready to be read by the other Islanders, just post your link right here in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Please leave whatever expanded comment you wish as a part of your posted link. You can also reply directly to any other comment.

••> The fourteenth prompt for 2010 invites exploration and discovery. The prompt is: THE JOURNEY… It examines the seductive call of the horizon, of the great ‘beyond’… maybe it’s a journey we’ve already taken, about to take, or dream of taking… be it a journey through the material world around us, into the mind, perhaps into the ‘spirit’ within us, or… It should be very interesting to see where each of us goes.

So dust off your traveling shoes, whether real or imagined, physical or metaphysical. Tell us in your words (poem, prose, flash fiction, etc.) the who, what, where, when, why or how regarding the trip — including any visual image you might want to incorporate. Look to the horizon, then go with whatever it is that moves you to write…

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi! As always, welcome to the the Island!!! 😉


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81 responses to “Prompt #14 for 2010: The Journey

  1. mine is a journey of process

    Journey To A Poem


  2. I shall think about writing a poem for this, but meanwhile, here’s a journey from when I was 6


  3. Here’s a journey I’ve made many times, which is why I have white hair:

  4. Here is my response to the prompt. I have high fantasy on the brain at the moment.

    Please feel free to look over the rest of my blog. 🙂

    • writersisland

      We are a ‘fantasy island’, so a little high fantasy seems appropriate Kitty — besides, a few of us may have had a high fantasy or two, so I think the Islanders will relate… 😉

  5. I been wanting to write about this game that I had been playing quite a few months ago with XBOX 360, this journey will be called “Journey to Hell” which will be divided into 9 different poems traveling into the different circles of Hell based on a game called “Dante’s Inferno” with my own twist here and there.

    Hope you guys will enjoy this journey with me=)

    The first one starts from this post:

    Descent to Limbo

    Second part:

    World of Lust
    {Note: Image might be consider mature :O, I tried to blur it out as much as I can already >.< }

    About the game: It is based the first canticle of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, following the exploits of Dante as he journeys through the nine circles of Hell to reclaim the soul of his beloved Beatrice from the hands of Lucifer.

    • writersisland

      Life is the one-way trip we are all taking Pamela — the one from which we cannot get out alive… 😉

  6. Took a journey to Florida last week and wrote this poem about it.

  7. Haven’t been around for a long time, but am looking forward to getting back into the island swing of things. Here’s my piece, River Falls.

  8. this is mine…..from an earlier poem with a few changes…….JOURNEY

  9. KB

    Nice prompt. Have a great day.

    Here’s mine…


  10. Greetings Islanders! Mine is an old piece. I spent some time reworking it this morning, and would love your feedback. Criticism and kudos welcome!

    I’m off to read your words.

  11. Here comes the 3rd and 4 th part of my Journey to Hell, I will come back and check out others’ work on Wednesday, as I am tight on my schedule for my final year project, sorry about it=) But here you go, hope you enjoy it^^~

    Third Part:

    Feeding on Soul

    Fourth Part:

    Greed’s Heaven

    See you guys soon! Cheers^^ and have a nice week ahead:)

  12. Cassiopeia Rises

    Hello my friends. This is an older poem but my mind is full of the upcoming fall season.

    my poem

    I am a bit rusty. Hope this works.


    • writersisland

      Melanie — how great to see you back on the Island! Never fear, the balmy sea breezes will blow away any rust… 😉

    • writersisland

      Thank you Rebecca for sharing a piece you’re especially fond of — certainly the Islanders will enjoy it… 😉

  13. hello to writer’s island…. it is great to be a part of this week’s prompt… every moment is a journey, nothing more so than a late night bus ride… waiting for the bus

  14. Here comes the 5th and 6th part of the Journey to Hell, hope you guys enjoy it=P

    5th part:

    Drown in Anger

    6th part:
    Followers of the Fallen One

    Cheers people!=P

  15. Hi Everyone,

    i am new to this site.

    here is the link to my poem

    • writersisland

      Hi Mory, welcome to Writer’s Island, thank you for visiting to share your words – hope to see you on the beach as often as you’re able… 😉

  16. Hi I am here again with the 7th and 8th part of my Journey to Hell, the last part will come tomorrow for sure ;D

    So here we go again~

    7th part:

    The Violence Begins

    8th part:

    Fraud and Deception

    Hope you guys enjoy this journey and shall the last descent comes tomorrow:)


    sorry for missing last week’s prompt,
    here is my entry for this week, Journey…
    have fun!

  18. b_y

    there’s a Red Riding Hood prompt up at wwp, and it’s got me on a trip with the wolf, the girl, and the color.
    several side trips at 31 poems ( )

  19. fateful journey to “grandma’s house” — red riding hood radically re-imagined… Blood Moon

  20. Last descent to the Journey of Hell, hope you enjoy the journey =D

  21. My journey to this world is not yet known
    But I keep writing poems to the blog I own

    My journey to the blogs have landed me to Writers Island
    Wherein sometimes I do beleive my journey does depend on my Hand

    Your Island was a nice place to visit
    Check my Blog and read my poems a bit

  22. hello islanders…. i hope this would give me a good access to the island 🙂


    • writersisland

      Welcome to Writer’s Island NPS, so nice to have you on the beach — we appreciate you sharing your work, thank you… 😉

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