Prompt #23 for 2010: Soar

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New prompt(s) are posted every Saturday. Consider the prompt in depth, then let inspiration carry you. When you feel what you’ve written is ready to be read by the other Islanders, just post your link right here in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Please leave whatever expanded comment you wish as a part of your posted link. You can also reply directly to any other comment.

β€’β€’> The twenty third prompt for 2010 is a collage by me, Rob Kistner, celebrating the thrill of being aloft, entitled: “SOAR”. (you can click on my name to see more of my collages)

You can let yourself be inspired by the title. What are the levels of meaning one might attach to the word ‘soar’, both physical and metaphysical? A few synonyms of soar are: fly, ascend, climb, wheel, circle, rise, mount, rocket, increase, skyrocket, escalate, and arise. Remember also that spirits, imagination, joy, fear, all these can soar — you can see where I’m going…

Or let the depth and intricacy of the image itself evoke in you the inspiration to write… so many levels of suggestion! Let yourself visually drift into the collage, hold it for a while in your mind’s eye, then whatever it is that strikes you as you view, express it.

So, the title of the creation and it’s many interpretations, or the collage itself — whichever sparks your muse… just let yourself go with whatever it is that moves you to write.

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi! As always, welcome to the the Island!!! πŸ˜‰



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81 responses to “Prompt #23 for 2010: Soar

  1. systematicweasel

    Interesting prompt. Love the image! My piece can be found below. =)


  2. Thank you as always. It is a real treat to hear from you, so please let me know your thoughts if you get the chance.

    – Shane G

    • writersisland

      Thank you for sharing Shane —

      NOTE: When you write a piece in response to an Island prompt, if you will indicate such when you post the piece on your blog, then put a link back to this prompt post here on the Island — folks who read your piece will be able to click and come here to read the work of the other Islanders…

      …thanks… πŸ˜‰

  3. Nice prompt, great picture! πŸ™‚

    Mine is here

  4. What a glorious collage by Rob Kistner and a wonderful prompt.

    here’s mine :o)

  5. Irene

    Soaring above cloud.


  6. Hey..

    this is something I wrote long time back.infact something i started my blog with. It’s on the lines of the theme.


  7. A simple poem this time, but the first image that came to mind: Soaring Heights

  8. A stunningly beautiful image! So intricate!

    Here is mine:


  9. oh my another good prompt wi… i shall meditate upon this and return…

  10. I like this prompt and what I have read so far.

  11. Thank you for an inspiring prompt yet again.
    My flight of fancy is at

  12. Scramble at the Patteran Pages! Click for takeoff.

  13. This is ViV on my daughter’s computer. Without a password, I can’t put my poem on my own blog, so I hope it’s OK to put it here:-


    An ear-cracking ascent as Paris recedes.
    I’m on my way at last.
    Gloomy on the ground
    becomes glorious above
    the half-mile thick
    layer of meringue.

    In bright white light
    the world goes by unseen
    while an hour in the air
    transforms my mindset
    from French to English.

    An ear-cracking descent
    into feather-light landing
    on rain-sodden English tarmac
    brings my soaring to an end.

  14. As a PS to my ‘Soar’ submission above (for which prompt and collage, Rob, many thanks), here’s another flight poem, this one at Bolts of Silk Flightpaths

  15. b_y

    Love the collage, Rob.
    This is only Soaring by indirection. Today I Make My Mother Happy

  16. i’m not sure if this fits it right or not, do check n then tell me.. I’ve used “soar” in it, but if its related to this prompt or not, can’t tell πŸ™‚

    please remove if not applicable πŸ™‚

  17. something a little different that I know you will like…. “a href=””>here’s mine. Enjoy

  18. I thought of a circus poster. I’m a bit late, but this is where to find my offering:

  19. My first time with these writing prompts. Oddly, it hit me at a rare dark moment and I was surprised by what came out of it. Thanks for the inspiration – I think it got me digging deeper.

    • writersisland

      Maurie, welcome to Writer’s Island, and thank you for sharing your words… So pleased you were inspired by this prompt… πŸ˜‰

  20. great collage, Rob – so many ways to soar… mine is more a beginning phase of soaring, just a little past ‘trying’. πŸ™‚

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