Prompt #24 for 2010: Envision

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••> The twenty fourth prompt for 2010, an image I entitled: “ENVISION”.


You can let yourself be inspired by the title. What are the levels of meaning one might attach to the word ‘envision’? A few synonyms are: conceive, conjure, dream, envisage, imagine, fancy, fantasize, feature, ideate, picture, see, and visualize.

Or let the image itself evoke in you the inspiration to write. Hold it for a while in your mind’s eye, then whatever it is that strikes you as you view, express it.

So, the title of the image and it’s many meanings, or the image itself — whichever sparks your muse… just let yourself go with whatever it is that moves you to write.

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi! As always, welcome to the the Island!!! 😉



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138 responses to “Prompt #24 for 2010: Envision

  1. I think that if I ever publish a collection of my stories, this would be one of them.

    Fabulous prompt. Thank you.


    Apologies for writing such an unpoetic effort, but this topic demanded to be covered!

    • writersisland

      No apologies Brenda, if this needed to be covered, and this felt like a right place to do so — then by all means, cover it here… and thank you for doing so…

  3. I was inspired by the picture! as usual a wonderful prompt, thanks for posting it. 🙂

    mine is here –

  4. Irene

    Does the picture say, the grass is greener on the other side?

    the blind side

    • writersisland

      Does it say that to you Irene? Perhaps it says, the grey is finally lifting, there are blue skies ahead… or, with a bit of vision and inquiry, we can find our way to a brighter future… or… you tell me what it means… 😉

  5. I may come back with another one later, but here’s my first rough attempt:…island-9-10-10/

  6. What came out as a response to this beautiful prompt isn’t as visionary as I would have liked it to be but quite an accurate picture of how I feel right now

  7. haven’t written for a long time. glad i can contribute today.

  8. I am getting slower and slower, but there’s a good reason for that,


  9. b_y

    Love the graphic!!!
    Played free association for a while this morning, and came up with
    invision: re-envision: revision

    • writersisland

      It is a great image Barbara! I ‘found’ the anonymous image while surfin’ on line, as part of a larger image. I only did the cropping, colorizing, and photoshopping… 😉

  10. Walt

    A brilliant prompt for the right day. “Envision” immediately brought thoughts of “Imagine”, and being John Lennon’s 70th birthday, it was a perfect tribute. If it was unintentional, it was good Karma.

    My attempt for “Envision” languishes here:

  11. An interesting word with many sensitive tiers!

    Here is mine:

    Cleansing Burn Out

  12. Thanks for the prompt. Here’s my somewhat self-analytical take. Please click on my name.

  13. Tom

    I saw the image and remembered an old story of which helped develop this, I had to write it down:

  14. Absolutely love the image! Took me a while to figure out how to write about it, but here it is : Emergence

  15. This week’s chapter of my wartime childhood is up on my blog, if anyone’s interested:

  16. I enjoyed this prompt very much!

  17. For some unbeknownst reason mine was taken down. Or my Black Dog convinced me I put it up and I really didn’t. At any rate here is my offering…

    Love and Light, Sender

  18. Panther – envision freedom mighty beast…

  19. I hope you all enjoy my first post here at Writer’s Island.

    My take on Envision is posted here:

  20. My first too. Chat, limerick and reproduced Aussie Bush Ballad… ‘We’ll all be rooned said Halrahan!’

    Thanks for the invite!

  21. Madame Butterfly

    This is my first contribution to your site – I hope you enjoy it,


    Thank you so much for the invite to come to the island & write. I hope my offering is OK!! Thanks again Kath

  23. Thank you for the invite and visiting my blog. I decided to write something about mental illness. Lately I am encountering more people who suffer from one form or another. I recently worked through a spell of depression and it was writing that really turned things around. I hope you enjoy this post.

    • writersisland

      Thank you for accepting the invitation Kristen, and welcome to Writer’s Island — also, I made the change you requested… 😉

  24. I got invited, so I came, and here is what I bring to the table

    Life Envisaged

  25. Hi,
    Thanks for the invite and visiting my blog..
    Nice prompt.
    I have tried to honour the prompt…
    Here is mine

  26. Thanks for the invite…I actually do blog posting on schedule. Coincidentally, I have something about envision…you can check it out if you don’t mind and if it doesnt break your rules…will look out for prompts from this community more often…Cheers!

  27. Thank you for the invite and I will try to get something down soon. Not always easy with my schedule. But I would like to congratulate on a wonderful site, and your marvelous encouragement of young writers and poets( well, young at heart. lol) All the very best.

  28. Amity

    just getting ashore to writer’s island..i see its a lovely place surrounded with many creative people
    I have something for the prompt Envision..
    Hope you all like it.

  29. suz

    I’m not certain how to leave my link here
    so you can just click on it
    but here it is anyway..good luck and good reading
    I had fun with this…and thank you for the challenge
    whoever you may be….
    96 ahead of me….phew!

  30. I’ve decided to come ashore today! HERE

  31. lennyathena

    today i found this beautiful island. i think i’ll set up camp here and stay awhile.

  32. This is my first time at Writer’s Island. And I thoroughly enjoyed working with the prompt.

    Here is the result:

  33. I went “To Infinity – and Beyond!” Only in a more spiritual way than Buzz Lightyear! Amy

  34. Without a functional ‘Mr Linky’ thingy on this page, I have realised that going to read other entries for any WI prompt, is more than just a labour of love – it’s a slow and painful process – especially since Writer’s Island is replying to every comment with another of their own, thus adding to the number of comments one has to scroll through. Have you given this problem any serious thought?

    • writersisland

      Hi Jinksy – here on the Island, just as on Big Tent Poetry, We Write Poetry, and the former Read Write Poem, we have embraced a more personable, intimate approach to hosting a prompt blog — giving it more of a ‘community’ feel. There are three key advantages with this.

      1. The writer leaving their link post on the above sites, has the opportunity to say a few words about the piece, and leave their comment included with their link – not separated somewhere else requiring a search, as is the case with the ‘Linky’ system.

      2. Readers can reply directly to the writer, on the writer’s link post, and others can read those replies — again adding a more personal ‘community’ touch to the experience.

      3. It allows the host site the opportunity to personally show appreciation to the writers who share their work on the site. Believe me, the ‘Linky’ type approach would save me considerable time as compared to my ‘greeting’ each writer – but it would feel terribly impersonal to me. Perhaps I’m too old school?

      Writer’s Island has been hosting for 4 years now, and I have posted and maintained a personal writing and art blog for 6 years. I have never envisioned the need to hurry as an important ingredient in the sharing and appreciation of creativity. I actually enjoy scrolling down, seeing the avatars, comments, and replies — again, I’m old school.

      I have also felt the ‘Linky’ type approach to be cold and impersonal — although the system currently being employed by the “One Single Impression” site is a marked improvement. A reader visiting the OSI hosting site can at least see the writer’s avatar. I have been less resistant to this system, and have run hot an cold on employing it on WI.

      If there was a way to add to the OSI system that would allow for writer’s comments and reader’s replies to be “direct” linked – I would definitely use that system on Writer’s Island.

      So I don’t see the current WI approach as a ‘problem’ Jinksy – sorry you do. It is a choice at the moment to be more personable and intimate — more ‘community’. If a more efficient ‘posting’ system, that also permits direct comment and reply comes along — you will see it on WI.

  35. Thanks for the invite. Here’s my first shot at Writer’s Island.

  36. Kick Out The Jams

    Many thanks for the invite, I’ve tried to do your fabulous image justice –

    • writersisland

      Welcome to Writer’s Island Daly, thank you for sharing your work… I remember motor city madness all too well… 😉

  37. Thanks for the invite. A bit late, I know, but I did incorporate the prompt in my current post.

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