Prompt #25 for 2010: Unleash

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••> The twenty fifth prompt for 2010, “UNLEASH”, inspired by this image.


You can let yourself be inspired by this week’s word itself. What are the levels of meaning one might attach to the word ‘unleash’? For example, to free, to let loose, to set in motion, to throw forcefully… A few synonyms are: untether, unattach, uncork, disconnect, release, unhook, and unlock.

Or let this wondrous image entitled “Lost Boat”, from Spanish artist Silvia, evoke in you the inspiration to write. Hold it for a while in your mind's eye, then whatever it is that strikes you as you view, express it.

So, the word ‘unleash’ and it’s numerous meanings, or the image itself — whichever sparks your muse… or choose neither for your inspiration, and instead, go in your own direction with your piece. Just let yourself go with whatever it is that moves you to write.

NOTE: if you reference the art piece by Silvia, please credit her by name and link to her site. Thank you.

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi! As always, welcome to the the Island!!! 😉



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111 responses to “Prompt #25 for 2010: Unleash

  1. What a great prompt, and that image is as surreal as it gets, so in that light here is my piece.

  2. Nice to be back on the Island. 🙂

    What a gorgeous picture and great prompt, one look at the word and picture and inspiration arrived!

    Thank you for posting these.

    mine is here –

  3. Oh, I like this. God knows what I’ll be able to do with it though!

  4. Ok, I have put this event on my blog schedule, so I will be trying to honor the prompts every Saturday.

    My entry is>>

    I hope it follows the prompt how the prompt should be followed.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. This is my take on the prompt…you might find it a bit unusual though

  6. A great prompt. Warning to would-be readers: extreme length contribution coming up. Click on my name to find out just how long!

  7. systematicweasel

    A little bit of recycling from the archives this weekend, with a few tweaks. Great prompt! =)


  8. My first Writer’s Island poem! Great prompt word!

  9. the painting is great and it inspired me to write this entry.


  10. …unleash life-giving waters — October

  11. Forgot to leave my link: here is Unleash

  12. What a gorgeous picture. I posted my Haiku but this prompt might inspire a second submission.


    My inspiration came from a book cover! Nothing as dramatic as your illustration!

  14. b_y

    nifty picture. very sorcerer’s apprentice
    Killing three birds with one pome, and using a
    Flattop Questionaire (which is for sure and certain only a provisional title)

  15. Madame Butterfly

    My entry was inspired by the words not the picture. A cautionary tale of unleashed lust, vainity, anger and revenge

  16. Hope you all enjoy, this installment of a story I have been working on for a bit… Really seemed to fit into the storyline well.

    Enjoy. you can find it here

  17. Hi,

    This is my 1st time here – following your invite, here is my contribution:

    Thank you for the inspiring prompt.


  18. Super prompt, but proved a bit of a poser. I have done my best and let it rest! Thanks for it.

  19. Amity

    Wonderful prompt ! Lovely image !

    Enjoy my share, for the prompt… excited to read everybody’s creative work..

    Happy island sharing !!!

  20. Have yet to write mine.. but it’s fun reading other people 🙂

  21. suz

    thanks for the challenge…and it was
    Got my brain working in a different way

  22. I’ve just arrived on the island.

    Hope to get around to visit everyone soon.

  23. clare

    Hi Everyone!
    Starting to get back into writing a bit — and happy to visit the Island. 🙂
    Here’s a little poem I wrote:

  24. Cassiopeia Rises

    Sorry I will try again
    my poem


  25. Dear Islander,
    This is my first time here, I think. I couldn’t resist the picture, so here goes:

    • writersisland

      Welcome to Writer’s Island Nino, thank you for sharing your work — hope to see you on the beach again in the future… 😉

  26. i wrote this for Three word wednesday but when I saw “unleashed” was the prompt I wanted to post.

    here is mine:

    the picture with the prompt was good for my imagination! thanks for posting!

  27. Interesting picture! I went my own way, though definitely to prompt. Here it is:

  28. This is my contribution, on the picture prompt unleash….

  29. I’m finding this an excellent place for wordplay and interaction; my favorite attractions!

    Unleashing the poetic beast within. A little play with a “combination” of forms:

  30. wow.. i m glad i came across this blog.. will just read the entries this time and take part next time onwards 🙂

  31. Kick Out The Jams

    Late for this prompt but it was so good it had me stumped for a while!

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