Halloween prompt 2010: Masquerade

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••>This twenty seventh prompt for 2010 is “MASQUERADE”.

So here’s what you do for this prompt, you pretend – pretend you are going to a Halloween Masquerade Party!

First, tell us about the mask and costume you’ve decided upon. You can even go as far as creating the outfit, and using it for Halloween — though that part isn’t required. If you do actually create a costume, take a photo of yourself wearing it, and post it with the piece you are about to write.

Second, write a piece inspired by your costume, real or imagined. Look deeply into the reason you decided upon that particular costume, and write from that perspective.

OR, if you don’t want to do step 1 & 2 — you can let yourself be inspired by this week’s word itself. What are the levels of meaning, beyond the party or the ball, one might attach to the word ‘MASQUERADE’? For example: an act, to put on airs, charade, disguise, facade, front, guise, playacting, pose, pretense, semblance, or show.

Options and possibilities for this Halloween week — go with whichever one sparks your muse… or choose none of these for your inspiration, and instead, go in your own direction with your piece. Just let yourself go with whatever it is that moves you to write.

So take your time to respond to this prompt — no hurry. You really don’t need to leave your link here in the comments until next Saturday, October 30th. This prompt is open until Saturday, November 6th. However, if you want to leave it earlier, you certainly can — or just leave a comment to say hi! As always, it’s really great to have you on the Island — and Happy Halloween!!! 😉



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47 responses to “Halloween prompt 2010: Masquerade

  1. I’m early, but will try to remember to post again on Saturday. Needed to get this off my mind!

  2. It been long since I been on the island! Sorry for missing so much on the themes, didn’t have much inspiration but this definitely catch my attention!=D


  3. Here’s this week’s instalment of the war memoir: http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2010/10/26/escape-to-the-country-chap-3/

    And now I’m off to look into the idea of masquerade! See you later.

    • writersisland

      Thank you for keeping us updated on your memoir — I do hope we can have a bit of fun with the Halloween Masquerade Party… 😉

  4. ana

    My first impression – but the party sounds like fun so I hope to be back!

    a poem

  5. I will be back with mine on Saturday…nice thought for the prompt.


  6. I’ve spent all day on this, and reckon it’ll need some more re-writing:


  7. Masquerade: inspired by the word and by the masquerade from Phantom of the Opera…

  8. Thanks for this Halloween prompt. My masquerade’s taking place under a full moon. Click on my name above for illumination.

  9. b_y

    I won’t be at the party, but you can look for my friend
    She is a
    spiky-haired girl wearing tee shirt and jeans

  10. Hi guys – a slight deviation from the norm. Kind of sums me up really, but which me?

  11. Ah I always like a good party although I don’t know much about Halloween

  12. That picture took me right back to when my daughter had a cockatiel as a pet. She named him Flip as in flip-the-bird and that’s exactly what I wanted to do to him most of the time!

    Thanks, Rob!


  13. Hiya,

    Hardly to do with Masquerade in many ways, alas an attempt at a Halloween story of magical rights and folklore…Creatures of the Night…


  14. Great visual prompt! Love the word, Masquerade.

  15. I was once a creative designer of costumes and Halloween happenings, but not now.


    I hope I have this linked properly–I have been working on that. Enjoy looking at what others have done for this prompt–can’t find a way to leave comments on all blogs but I do try! I DO so appreciate those of you who leave comments on mine.

  16. http://leonnyes.wordpress.com/2010/10/31/the-ghouls-gala-all-ghouls-welcome/

    it’s sort of a mixture of steps 🙂 I’ve done that costume part too.. and inviting you all to the first Halloween party I’m hosting..


  17. I’m out of practice and feel a bit off base with this. Still, it is what occurred to me to write.

    A Question of Self-Preservation

  18. Cassiopeia Rises

    Here is mine:

    my poem


  19. I seem to be a bit late, but my Masquerade piece is about the costume I would have worn if I didn’t spend the night canvassing houses with my little kids.

    I used this prompt for 750words.com and managed a creepy little short story out of it. Thanks so much for the prompt.

    Here it is:

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