Prompt #1 for 2011: Embark

Welcome to Writer’s Island.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are pleased to now be in our fifth (5th) year here on the Island, providing writing prompts. New prompt(s) are posted every Saturday at 12:01 AM, U.S. East Coast Time. Consider the prompt in depth, then let inspiration carry you.

When you feel what you’ve written is ready to be read by the other Islanders, just post your link right here in the comments section at the bottom of this post. Please leave whatever expanded comment you wish as a part of your posted link. You can also reply directly to any other comment.

••> The first prompt for 2011 is “EMBARK”.

So as a new year full of new possibilities opens, let the word embark spark your muse… or choose to go in your own direction with your piece this week. Just let yourself go with whatever it is that moves you to write.

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi! As always, welcome to the the Island!!! 😉


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36 responses to “Prompt #1 for 2011: Embark

  1. totomai

    here’s mine.

    happy new year everyone. I just turned 33

  2. Okay, I couldn’t stay away from blogging long, so I’m back, with a new blog.

  3. Rinkly Rimes

    A good prompt as we all embark on a New Year!

  4. Another “Happy New Year,” this time from me.

  5. Irene

    Happy 2011! Let it be simply glorious.

    another year spun

  6. I loved this prompt. First poem written on this new computer:

  7. RJ

    Happy New Year’s Day!

    May all your resolutions be kept – or at the very least, may you totally enjoy breaking a few. ☼

  8. This is one of my dreams for the new year

  9. Slipped through another, take a deep breath, Embark!

  10. An interesting prompt. Happy New Year to all!
    I wrote this the other day. We have a friend who is
    suffering from dementia, something I have never
    witnessed before. It is sad to see someone’s mind
    leaving them.

  11. One more. Don’t worry, it’s animal-free…! This prompt has really gotten my 2011 off to a great start… thank you so much. Amy

  12. Nice prompt !…Mine is here for “embark”
    Happy New Year to everyone!

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