NOTE: Scroll down for the March 26th Prompt, but first here’s some info regarding Writer’s Island participation in NAPOWRIMO 2011.

During the month of April, which is National Poetry Writing Month (NAPOWRIMO), Writer’s Island will NOT be posting our regular weekly prompts. Our regular weekly prompts will resume Saturday, May 7th.

Instead, a new “Free Write” post will open each day of April at 12:01 AM US Eastern Daylight Time, where you can post a link in the comments section to whatever poem you may have written for that day. These daily Writer’s Island posts will NOT be offering daily writing prompts.

Whether you are following specific daily NAPOWRIMO prompts of some sort, or just writing a poem each day (or most/some days) of NAPOWRIMO – post a link to your poems here. At this time, I know • Poetic Asides and • Big Tent Poetry will be offering prompts for each day. But you don’t need prompts to write a poem each day.

**NOTE: If you know of any other sites offering NAPOWRIMO daily prompts, please enter the name and URL of that site in the comments area of this post. Thank you!

If you wish, please consider Writer’s Island your NAPOWRIMO 2011 ‘linking hub’. Just enter your name and email address in the comments heading, and the URL of whatever poem you’ve written for that day, in the comment box. Nothing else needs to be written in the comment box if you don’t want to.

As always, if you are a first time participant, your first entry will be moderated – after your first time, there will be no more moderating. April is NAPOWRIMO – so poem away and enter your links here. Have fun…!!! 🙂



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9 responses to “April is NAPOWRIMO

  1. that time of year again….it is alwlays a challenge…but will attempt one a day again…”one a day”…sounds like a vitamin poem…..see ya in April

  2. that is a wonderful gesture to provide a place of 31 day prompts for those of us crazy poets who will attempt another year… last year was a great occasion and looking forward to participating again this year…

    • writersisland

      NOTE: Writer’s Island will NOT be posting daily writing prompts during NAPOWRIMO, we will simply be opening a post each day where you can place a link to whatever poem you may have written for that day…

  3. Oh, I’m so glad Writer’s Island is doing this, too. I really look forward to it. I did November Poem-A-Day with Poetic Asides last November, in parallel with NaNoWriMo and it was very stimulating. I plan to get poeming daily this coming month, too.

  4. Hi Rob,
    I’ll be posting my NaPoWriMo attempts on my SweetTalkingGuy
    blog again this year. Thanks for Writer’s Island!!!


  5. I know it’s April 1 and I’ve not been around for a while…
    Hi to alll, have fun, and mine is at:

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