NAPOWRIMO day #24 “Free Write”

Just 1 week left — definitely don’t stop now!

During this month of April, which is National Poetry Writing Month (NAPOWRIMO), Writer’s Island will NOT be posting our regular weekly prompts. Our regular weekly prompts will resume Saturday, May 7th.

Instead, this is a “FREE WRITE” day, as will each day be in April. Writer’s Island is NOT suggesting a daily writing prompt during NAPOWRIMO. Please feel free to post a link here in the comments section to whatever poem or poems you may have written today.

Just as this post did today, each day of NAPOWRIMO, the “Free Write” post will open at 12:01 AM US Eastern Daylight Time. The current and the prior day’s post will remain visible on the main blog page. You can access earlier NAPOWRIMO days by selecting April in the “Past Prompts” drop down in right side bar.

Whether you are following specific daily NAPOWRIMO prompts of some sort, or just writing a poem each day (or most/some days) of NAPOWRIMO – please post a link to your poems here. At this time, I know • the NAPOWRIMO site and • Poetic Asides and • Big Tent Poetry will be offering prompts for each day. But you don’t need prompts to write a poem each day.

If you wish, please consider Writer’s Island your NAPOWRIMO 2011 ‘linking hub’. Just enter your name and email address in the comments heading, and the URL of whatever poem you’ve written for that day, in the comment box. Nothing else needs to be written in the comment box if you don’t want to.

As always, if you are a first time participant, your first entry will be moderated – after your first time, there will be no more moderating. April is NAPOWRIMO – so poem away and enter your links here. Have fun…!!! 🙂



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33 responses to “NAPOWRIMO day #24 “Free Write”

  1. First!
    We can hardly even save ourselves. Redemption Ave at Scrambled, Not fried

  2. I’ve announced the winning Limerick of the Week from last week’s Limerick-Off and I’ve posted a new Limerick-Off Challenge: Argumentative Limerick.

  3. Sorry about the do-over. I screwed up the code cause I’m not quite awake. 🙂

    I’ve announced the winning Limerick of the Week from last week’s Limerick-Off and I’ve posted a new Limerick-Off Challenge: Argumentative Limerick.


    I’m off to church this morning but I’ll be along to comment when I get back.

    Happy Easter, every one.

  5. Irene

    Happy Easter. Don’t stop now.

    strange pairings

  6. Thanks to Pamela fir her as usual exquisite poem and Big Tent Prompt Escape

    My first Day 24 is

  7. YAY. finally got link working…except I had title incorrect…..! Here I go again same appreciation for and to Pamela!

    My DAY. 24

  8. ARRGGGGGGlease bear with me or smack me in the head but I must get this posted correctly!

  9. please someone help me escape…what am I doing wrong?

  10. Here’s my Day 24 response to…
    Poetic Asides Day 24 prompt: write a “prayer poem”
    Sunday Scribblings prompt: Shine

    Have a blessed Easter!
    …I’ll be back to read later…

  11. Have a wonderful and Joyful Easter.

    From a Poetic Asiudes prompt.

  12. Finally found time to expand Easter after all, including an entirely silly sonnet.

    Happy Easter to all.

  13. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Day. I couldn’t get to this until all my company left, but here is a link to my Day 24 effort. I used Brenda’s Wordle List.

  14. I realized after I wrote this poem that it fit with Poetic Asides’ prompt as well…

    Thanks, Rob and all. There’s a message at the beginning of the post for everyone at my blog. Peace, Amy

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