NAPOWRIMO day #30 “Free Write”


Great job — be proud — time to CELEBRATE!

This is the last day of April, the end of National Poetry Writing Month (NAPOWRIMO) for 2011. Writer’s Island has enjoyed hosting these “FREE WRITE” days each day in April. We invite you this final time to please, feel free to post a link here in the comments section to whatever poem or poems you may have written today.

This final day’s post, and the penultimate day’s post, will remain visible until May 7th. You can access earlier NAPOWRIMO days by selecting April in the “Past Prompts” drop down in right side bar.

Whether you have followed specific daily NAPOWRIMO prompts of some sort, or have just written a poem each day (or most/some days) of NAPOWRIMO – please accept our congratulations for staying true to your commitment to celebrate National Poetry Month 2011…!!! Hope you had fun.

Please come back ashore on Saturday, May 7th at 12:01 AM, U.S. East Coast Time, when Writer’s Island WILL resume our regular weekly writing prompts. See you then… 🙂



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40 responses to “NAPOWRIMO day #30 “Free Write”

  1. You have done a splendid job, Rob, in providing this meeting place for Napo poets, always there on time – unlike most of the prompt sites, which don’t arrive where I am until mid afternoon, so I’ve mostly been a day behind this month. Thank you for giving us a focal point and for finding me some new blogging friends. My last Napo poem is here:…way-for-nap-29/

  2. I want to thank you for hosting this and letting me be part of my very first poetry month celebration. And to spend it here.

  3. Thanks for the space, Rob. Much appreciated.
    In the UK it is Day 30 but we’re waiting on the prompts from our slugabed Yankee friends.

  4. I’ve enjoyed this month enormously! Thanks again for the space to post. I wrote a love letter to Rod McKuen, a childhood poet heartthrob.

  5. Although I only started half way along, I’ve made it to the finishing line, but only on a Grumpy Note! Hehehe!

  6. To Rob and the rest of the folks on the Island…

    I told a friend that the end of this month feels a bit like summer camp ending…having spent extended time with a bunch of people I didn’t know, becoming fast friends throughout, and then it comes to an end with promises to continue to stay in touch. How nice that we have the capabilities to do so in the world of cyberspace! I look forward to seeing ALL of you here each weekend… promise!? And by staying in touch through our own blogs. You can find me at echoes from the silence.

    Now…I have to get to today’s Poetic Asides prompt…I’ll be back to post my last PAD for this, my first time at writing a poem a day…and then to read!

    Have a great last day of April, my new friends,

  7. Rob, thank you so much for letting us come ashore each and every day of April. It’s been (insert favorite positive adjective here)! I feel a list poem coming on. My offering for today: You know (WordPress) or You know (Blogspot)

  8. Last day for Poetic Asides poem-a-day challenge…the prompt: Write a “after leaving here” poem.

    After writing this little ditty:
    After I leave this room
    I will think about the hereafter…
    I will stand, and wonder…
    “What was I here after?”

    I wrote: After Leaving Here

  9. There’s a lot of horrible happening in the world, but not to me. The storms’ latest destruction and P.F. Anderson’s Erosion series somewhat combined in my head. I hesitated to post this and almost wrote a short form just to flush it from my mind, but here’s today’s.

    Thank you for the great posting space. I’m still reading as I can.

  10. Here are my Day 30 prompts poems. Limping across the finish line, if I’m honest:

  11. Irene

    All good things come to an end.

    a love letter to poetry

    and catching up,

    Politics & poetry

  12. MY DAY 30


  13. Thanks for hosting.This has been special.
    From a Poetic Asides prompt

  14. It’s late, but not too late! Number 30 is finally done and posted!!! Wow, this has been a great experience, and the best part of all was finding new friends…..talented poets, whose work I hope to continue to enjoy!
    Here’s my final piece.
    Congratulations to you all for a great month’s writing!

  15. We did it! Thank you, Rob for allowing us to share here. What a great month. It was wonderful reading everyone’s work.

  16. writersisland

    Thank you to all who participated in NAPOWRIMO 2011, and shared here on Writer’s Island. It was a genuine pleasure having you come ashore. We will do it again next year…!

    Look forward to seeing you all next weekend, when we resume our regular weekly prompts. Until then, I wish you calm seas, and may a fair wind be always at your back… 🙂


    Thank you all napo-ers for a happy month and thank you Rob.

  18. Thanks for hosting and making this month special! I peeped in a couple of times today, to see if I could still post my final one.
    Hopefully, I’m not too late:

    See you at the regular prompts!



  20. This has been great fun! If anyone is in the mood for a limerick challenge, I’ve just posted a new Limerick-Off:
    Spurned Limerick

  21. Here’s not to goodbye, but to hello… Fret Not

  22. Cassiopeia Rises

    I Hope this works

    My poem<A HREF="""my poem


  23. Cassiopeia Rises

    my poem


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