‘Bon Voyage’ prompt: Vision of the Future

Welcome to Writer’s Island. You will notice the Island drummers and dancers. We are having a ‘bon voyage’ party!!

This is the week we all sail off to new adventures, and the last week that Writer’s Island will be open and offering writing prompts — at least in the foreseeable future. To everyone who has walked the shores of this Island, you have truly enriched my life. You have brought your thoughts and inspiration from many fascinating places in this wide world, to freely and graciously share. It has been a marvelous experience to have been touched by each of you. You will not be forgotten — so I expect to see much dancing and celebration….

Publishing Writer’s Island has been, since 2007, one of my favorite passions, and it is my hope that it will again be able to be such in the future. Keep your hearts and spirits fluid and flowing and may the current of life course freely through you, to carry you in love, to your dreams. In the spirit of dreams and the future, I offer this as the ‘bon voyage’ Writer’s Island prompt.

••>The Week #25 prompt for 2011 is “VISION OF THE FUTURE”. Pardon my sentimentalism, but I have included a piece of art I created quite a number of years ago for my daughter, whose 39th birthday is next week. It was inspired by a photo taken of her and I in 1979, when she was 7. It is entitled: “A Father’s Love” which is filled with dreams of the future.

So it is simple this week, please meditate on your vision of the future, be it for yourself, or loved one(s), or for the world — then share it with us… or let the image above spark your muse. As always, feel free to go in your own direction with your piece this week. Just let yourself go with whatever it is that moves you to write. .

Relax, respond to the prompt when you’re ready — or just leave a comment to say hi, wish you well!


Bon voyage from the Island — may you always have fair skies, calm seas, and a gentle breeze at your back. 😉


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22 responses to “‘Bon Voyage’ prompt: Vision of the Future

  1. Rob, this is a sad day for us all: my development as a writer of poetry owes a lot to you and to the friends I met here on the island. My hands are offering gratitude.

    At my age, visions of the future tend to be on the short side, so I choose to say bon voyage to you with a happier vision of the past, of a different island which was also an intensely felt period of my life: http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/victoria-market/

  2. Farewell Rob and thanks for your tireless work in making the Island the ultimate destination! I’m sure I’ve not heard the last from you just yet.

    And so to my piece


  3. So long, Rob! So sorry you’re leaving us. I’ve created some poems I’m really proud of, from your prompts. Thank you for that.


  4. Hi Rob, it is sad to say goodbye and leave the island. Do hope it is only an au revoir and not adieu..

    Here is a poem that hopes for not just the future but another lifetime:

    best regards,

  5. I am sorry to see you go. Perhaps you will return? I have loved your prompts.

  6. Thanks for all your hard work!

    Such a gorgeous image!

    My poem

  7. I am sorry to see you go 😦 😦 😦

  8. One of my favorite things to do is go on vacation…and what better place than a beautiful island!? Thank you for providing this little weekly getaway…a place to let the cares of the day/week go by the wayside, and enjoy the company of friends. Wishing you well…and praying a return to this island is possible, Rob. Even as a relative newbie to this island, I’ll miss you and my visits here.

    Here is my poem: Vision of the Future (a haiku)


  9. Want to add my thanks for providing this space for all of us pen junkies. You will be missed.



  10. Rob, you take good care, and hopefully the island will open again in the future. Thanks for all the work you’ve done for us. You’ll be missed.


  11. always a special place…. when i first started my poetry blog a few years back the island was one of the first places i posted…. always filled with a great group of poets and always a prompt that brings pen to hand… thank you…

  12. Till the surf comes back again. Keep well, Rob.

    vision of the future

  13. b_y

    Not saying good bye, just wishing you soon making musics at full steam again.
    My poem’s on my other site, and, while not visionary, doesn’t seem too inappropriate

  14. This is sad news 😦 Even though I’ve rarely replied publically to the prompts, I’ve used them as springboards to thoughts/ideas and I will miss them. More importantly though, you beiefly mentioned something in the email I received about your health and that sounds a little ominous. My positive thoughts are headed your way.

    I’m going to click that little “Notify me of new posts via email” down at the bottom of the screen and I hope one day soon I see another Writer’s Island prompt in my inbox. Thanks for all your work and be well!

  15. I remember so well when you wandered to my blog in the early days and invited me to the island! You gave me the confidence I needed! I look around now and the only name I see from those days is gautami tripathy! I guess we are all sailing many different seas.
    May the winds be gentle guiding you safely on your new journey.
    I’ll be back with a poem for this last prompt!

  16. this is not my only vision… this is for sure…. for all beings in their own future
    mine: http://mpucukilalang.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/a-hill-with-no-name/
    Bon voyage into the light 🙂

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