Prompt & Link: “Faithful”

9:00 AM Friday morning, May 9th 2008, on the U.S. West Coast, is quickly approaching — so… here I am with a new Prompt! This week’s, and the thirty-fourth Writer’s Island prompt is: “Faithful”.

That word conjures some deep and moving images for me. I never want to influence your take on the week’s prompt, but how does “Faithful” inspire you, or spark your creative fire? Share with us what you see in your mind’s eye.

This week we turn to the captivating new movie, The Fall, as the source of our
twelfth Matinee Muse prompt: “Fantasy”. What is real, what is imagined?
Can one always tell the difference? Where does fantasy carry you?

The Matinee Muse prompts are now a regular weekly offering, so please enjoy!
Remember — this, and every week, click the poster to learn about the movie.

Feel free to use either, or both, of this week’s prompts — or use neither if you so choose. Whatever moves your soul this week is what we all want to read.

So, create your poem, prose, short story, essay, commentary, or whatever — and post it on your blog. Feel free to include recordings of you reading your work — and any photo, artwork, or graphic representation you feel is relevant.

When you have finished your piece, please return here to this post and place your link to your work as a comment — and as you know, just the link, not the piece.

Please realize there is no need to rush, this post will be open to receive your links for the entire week, leading up to the next prompt.

May your muse, this week and every week, be true to you, so you write your best — write from your heart! We can’t wait to see what you have for us…



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67 responses to “Prompt & Link: “Faithful”

  1. she was faithful to me for a while but i have to dump her..

  2. Hi
    I already have one which seems just right for the prompt “Fantasy”

  3. Here is my take on Fantasy…

    Hope all of you do enjoy it 🙂


  4. Here is my take on fantasy. It’s a bit different.

    Sour Fantasy


  5. I picked the Matinee Muse today. Check out “Those Faithful Days Filled With Fantasy Are Just The Beginning Of The End.”

  6. Here is my take… small one this time.. 🙂

    have a good weekend everyone!

  7. Wrote this a couple of days ago, but it seems appropriate for the “Faithful” prompt:


  8. Dear Islanders, I’ve been working on a piece about the Demeter and Persephone myth for about two months, and some of it you’ve seen. I’ve posted the whole at TOP for their “transformation” prompt, and would like to cheat a little by posting here as well. I really want the folks I’ve been following, and who have been following me to see it. It’s long, especially by internet standards, but I hope enjoyable. Here, then, in the “fantasy” category: THIS DRIFTING WORLD

    Thank you!

  9. Hello Islanders!

    Work is taking me away from my writing table and the writers island recently – last week I was totally off. My article for ferocious and identity is stuck in my draft files and I haven’t read for awhile. But I know I am “Faithful”, it’s just my work, so here are some poems that paint the Color Of My Heart

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  10. Hi ..and I am back with a new one


    Who or what is the ONLY thing faithful to Man all his life ??

    Do also read my earlier one for “Fantasy”

  11. Here’s mine, inspired by but loosely connected to the faithful prompt:

    Know Hope

  12. Here is mine.

    Distant Foreplay

    Please note, this has adult content. Nothing graphic. But it’s theme is about the decision to be unfaithful.

  13. Hi everyone my fanatsy post is up.

  14. Church attendance in the UK is at an all-time low, but there will always be the Faithful Few!!

  15. Church attendance in the UK is at an all time low. But there always will be the Faithful Few

  16. This little guy is just adorable.

    Faithful Smile


  17. I am off prompt this week but still writing faithfully

  18. Hello to all on my first WI Friday! If you like bad poetry, be sure to visit my blog where I scribbled on the theme of “faithful.” It’s meant to be lighthearted.

  19. Faitful/Fantasy: Stopping By Walmart on a Snowy Evening
    based on Robert Frost
    PoetMouse: Stopping By Walmart on a Snowy Evening and Robert Frost

  20. Sharon

    Well I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and …. my take on faithful

  21. #2 for me this week, a combined response to both fantasy and Sunday Scribbling’s telephone prompt:

  22. Here is my piece. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Modern Love

  23. Here’s one:

    SPAM-JAM, at Nickers and Ink

    Blessings all,

    Simply Snickers – weekly poetry prompts

    I did something that is unchartered ground for me, a political post. That’s why its late, it took some research…lol

  25. Hello, folks – –
    This is my second time to participate in WI. I posted an allegory on an obscure meaning of the word “fantasy.”

  26. rel

    Hello Islanders,
    ‘Anyone care for a jog around the island?
    A plan, faithfully followed:


  27. Happy Mothers Day!

    Here’s a fantasy song of The Mother’s Lullaby

    For all our mothers.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

  28. Thank you for being here…for giving me prompts when I need them.


  29. Finally catching up after a crazy few weeks.

    “completion” is here:

  30. A recent posting is just right for this week: Words
    for walking – Faithful!

  31. I’m back again, with a story this time, and I’ve used both prompts.

  32. Wrote this a while ago and forgot about it… seems appropriate for the Fantasy prompt.

    Treasure Hunt

  33. so late it is almost next week… this one is about fantasy; about collaging with a collaged item

  34. Here’s one under the “Fantasy” label, although it’s not a fantasy for my protagonist.

  35. a twist on the word “faithful” – as some things always are — in flash fiction form.


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