WRITER’S LINK: “Friendship”

Hello Islanders!

It’s Tuesday, November 13th, 12:01 AM on the U.S. east coast. It’s time for us to share our thoughts and feelings about “friendship”.

Here is the post to which you can submit, in the ‘comments’ section, your link to your piece now posted on your blog. Remember, post only the link to your work here — not the piece itself… and please make certain your link is accurate.

If you’re new, welcome ashore! The details of ‘How To Come Ashore’ are posted in the sidebar. If you’ve returned, a warm welcome back!

Writers Island belongs to us all. Please feel free to let us all know what you want and need on the island to make it an enjoyable and nurturing experience. We all love to hear your suggestions. Each are considered.

So, in looking through your life, focusing on the friends you’ve been blessed with — what did you discover about friendship. We’re excited to hear! That November nip still lingers in the night air here on the beach, so everybody get comfortable, and snug in close to the bonfire. There is food and drink for all — the kind that nourishes your spirit.

Now, please share with us your tales about this special bond.

MOVE US — fellow islanders! 😉

NOTE: It is official, the Poetry Wave Project has now launched. For the details, please direct your attention to the top of the right sidebar.


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62 responses to “WRITER’S LINK: “Friendship”

  1. Here is my ‘friendship’ post. This post features both a written version, as well a spoken word production, with music soundtrack, of me reading my new poem — entitled Seeds.

    I have also created a brand new photo collage entitled “The Bond” to complement this new work.

  2. I wrote a two parter of sorts this week. Please feel free to read either or neither nor. Thanks!


  3. http://jenshumbleopinion2.blogspot.com/2007/11/remembrance-day-friendwriters-island.html
    I’ve never stayed up this late to get in the top ten posters, how exciting!
    Good night! I’ll be reading in the morning!

  4. Here’s mine — war buddies. A great poem, (not my own this time), see what you think?

    The Last War

  5. Here’s my response to this week’s prompt: A poem for friendship, For Lawrence.

  6. Oh, and here’s an offer for a new poetry postcard, if you’re interested: Eating My Words.

  7. It is not exactly about long lasting friendship.

    weaving webs

  8. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve written a haiku using the friendship prompt and two other prompts, in a
    Poetry Prompt Mashup.

  9. I struggled with this one on a personal level because of what i’ve been going through with a (former?) friend for the past few months, but HERE ‘s mine.

  10. My first time out here….after reading through so many, decided i’d just give my thoughts out too, and here it went


  11. I’m no poet, but just for a giggle I’ve had a go at a lttle ditty week!


    I seem be stuck with writing my continuing story The Stranger!!! Part 4 is hot off the press!


  12. Hello, hello, hello. This prompt was very timely as I posted a friendship badge from Kila and a picture of Ann and my wife from our trip to London. Of course there is a poem as well called “Shades and Fabrics”.

    It’s based on the word ‘Drape’.


  13. for me,, friendships are all very much… a different place… a different time….


  14. Here’s mine. Coincidentally, Friendship is the central story of the novel I’m writing for NaNoWriMo…


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  16. Lots of friends and friendship at my blog. Choosing was hard, so feel free to look around some, too.


  17. Once again, WI has given me something to write about! ha ha! Thanks! I enjoy reading everyone’s writings!

  18. This friendship story will eventually find its way into my NaNoWriMo novel for this year.


  19. Here’s mine

    Congrats on launching the poetry wave. That’s great. I am still trying to figure out what poem I want to send out into the world. This is a very exciting project.

  20. Oh Good grief. One more time. http://beadfluff.blogspot.com/2007/11/writers-island-tuesday-question-who-is.html

    If this doesn’t copy correctly I truly do give up! Argh! Technology makes my life so bloody wonderful!

  21. I had actually started to post an old one, about a friendship gone astray, but something weighs heavily on my heart and mind today…so I went with this instead:


  22. I noticed there was promblem with mary T’s link ( the word tuesday is before http)

    Try this instead to read her work
    Bead Fluff blog by Mary T

  23. Good day, writers,

    A quick little prose piece about my little friend, who is very very sick right now.


  24. jadey73

    Please check out friendship at http://www.jadey73.blogspot.com Thanks

  25. Here’s mine for this day. Thanks for the Island…


  26. I loved the Kite Runner. Such a good book…Have to go reapply sunscreen but here is my post….

  27. Lea

    So glad to be back onshore the island…
    here is my post on friendship:
    I so look forward to what the other islanders have to say…

  28. I wrote some poems. None are specifically about friendship but I did write which is a feat in and of itself. Just follow my name-they are at the top.

  29. I really enjoy writing a poem for Writer’s Island, THEN checking to see whatthe prompt is. It never fails to add a great ironic twist to what I’ve written. An odd sort of symbiosis in this poem Sunflower Says

  30. This is a haiku I’ve written celebrating enduring friendship. It’s entitled — Thorns.

  31. Sometimes, being a friend means Learning Again To Mind My Own Business– something I’ve had to do more than once :->

  32. Friendship may be closer than we think. Look where I found it in
    “Time to Go”.

  33. hey, I thought i’ll let this go by, due to lack of time but couldn’t 🙂
    so here’s my entry!


  34. It’s a little late, but here’s my entry.

  35. gimmeadream

    I am late because I couldn’t think of anything I truly felt when trying to describe something a valuable as friendship.


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